White Castle ‘adding’ Whey Protein Powder Sliders to menu on April Fool’s Day

It’s time to hit up White Castle after lifting at the gym.

The fast-food chain is adding a new menu item — hamburger sliders made of whey protein powder. The item will be available at restaurants nationwide on (wink, wink) April 1.

With the April Fool’s Day promotion, the company says each slider has about 189 grams of whey protein.

“Responding to the increasingly diversified palates and physique-focused lifestyle of White Castle customers, the slider innovator tapped some of the country’s smartest food and fitness engineering minds to create the ultimate protein-packed, muscle building supplement,” the company said in a statement.

White Castle is currently in talks with distributors to release the product internationally. Plans are also underway to introduce alternate protein sources for White Castle Whey, including Chicken Rings, Fish Nibblers and Veggie Sliders.

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“At White Castle, we’re always looking for the next way to satisfy our fans’ Cravings. This step is of revolutionary proportions, yet we’ve kept the focus at a more granular level,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “We know that this dive into serious muscle development is a bold move and according to the results of our 6-month study, our taste testers are going to need bigger sleeves.”


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