Skyline fans no longer have to go to a Reds game to enjoy chili nachos

Fans of Cincinnati-style chili won’t have to hike to Great American Ball Park every time they’re craving those Skyline nachos anymore.

Skyline said it is adding the same nachos to its menu at many locations for a limited time. The company announced the queso blanco-coated treat on its website and social media accounts this week.

Fans at Cincinnati Reds games have been munching on the Skyline nachos served at Great American Ball Park since baseball season kicked off.

The nachos also come with a “deluxe” option; order them that way instead and they’ll come covered in not just queso blanco, Skyline chili and shredded cheddar cheese but also lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sour cream.

Though Skyline said the new menu item would only occupy a space on their menus for a limited time, that time was no specifically lined out, so it’s unclear how quickly fans have to hustle to score some Skyline nachos.

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