This 12-year-old has a ‘Dark’ side and he’ll show it at his first book signing today

Credit: Sarah Franks

Credit: Sarah Franks

Twelve-year-old Adam Emoff doesn’t let a dream go to waste — even if it’s a scary one.

Believe it or not, Adam, an Oakwood native going into seventh grade, is getting ready for the release of his fifth book, “The Fell.” Adam Dark, Emoff’s pen name, will be doing his very first book signing at the Dayton Mall Barnes & Noble Booksellers today, June 21, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. There are already 30 pre-orders for the young author’s latest book.

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“The Fell” is the third book in the “Demon Hunter” series, which all stem from a scary dream Adam had soon after he watched the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s “It.” He got to work almost immediately.

“This one kind of stuck with me, it wasn’t normal,” Adam said.

“It freaked me out,” Adam said. “So I started talking to my friends about it, then I started writing it down on paper. Then I told my dad and he said it would make a really great book. So, we talked about it and about a month later, we interviewed a ghost writer and I just saw him as a perfect fit for my vision of what I would like to do.”

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If the pen name, Adam Dark, and book inspiration didn’t give it away, Adam specializes in horror and paranormal writing. He was only 11 when he began writing with Matthew Thrush, a ghost writer from Houston, Texas. A teaser for his newest Demon series reads:

“How do you kill a demon?

“Not everything is as it seems at the Oakwood Valley Home for Boys. Adoption is the last thing any of the boys want. Being the master’s pet is reserved for the worst boy. Best mind your manners.” 

Once a week, Adam and Thrush meet via video chat to discuss book progress and collaborate on Adam’s ideas that are “constantly coming into his head.” The Dark duo have a lot in common and understand each other really well, Adam said. Since teaming up, the pair have been able to meet up and explore some museums together in Houston.

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Adam said when he grows up, continuing his writing career is an option he will keep open. Other passions that could be in the young author’s future include golf, acting and directing.

For now, though, he’s enjoying his writing journey as Adam Dark.

“They (friends) have been supportive all the way through. They ask me all the time when the next one is coming out and a lot of their older brothers and sisters have been reading my books,” Adam said.

So note to parents, letting your kids watch that movie you’re afraid will give them nightmares might actually be a great idea.

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