Holy rock ’n’ rollers: Heavy metal church hosts drive-in service every Sunday

Credit: heavymetalchurch.com

Credit: heavymetalchurch.com

Looking for a unique way to rediscover your faith during the coronavirus pandemic? The First Heavy Metal Church of Christ is providing a unique way for worshipers to remain close to their faith — while keeping a safe social distance, of course.

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Every Sunday, the revolutionary Dayton-based church is hosting its own version of a drive-in church service at Rip Rap Roadhouse (though the location might be subject to change), perhaps aptly named The Heavy Metal Church of Christ Traveling Circus.

Formerly described by Dayton.com as a "Bible-centered church in a heavy metal wrapper," The First Heavy Metal Church of Christ, founded by pastor Brian Smith, welcomes all humanity to partake in its nontraditional faith-based practices. Formerly, church services were held in places like bars.

Above all else, the church wants to preach a doctrine of acceptance. Though it’s been called a “biker church,” its founders and members stress the fact that, though many members do have an affinity for heavy metal music and alternative lifestyles, it’s a church that caters and preaches to all.

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Since 2011, the church has worked hard to cultivate a safe place of worship for its members and the community — and now, the First Heavy Metal Church of Christ is taking this attitude on the road.

Since Sunday, March 29, The First Heavy Metal Church of Christ has been operating its “Drive-In Church” at the Rip Rap Roadhouse, located at 6024 Rip Rap Road, which is near Dayton’s border with Huber Heights. Beginning at noon, attendees simply park their cars and tune into 87.9 on their FM radio to hear music (rock ’n’ roll — what else?) from Jacob Shane and a sermon from Smith.

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There’s a carryout menu provided by Rip Rap Roadhouse so that attendees may call in their orders and have a crew member walk it out to their car throughout the service.

Services will be taking place every Sunday through the end of May.


What: The Heavy Metal Church Traveling Circus Tour

Where: Rip Rap Roadhouse, 6024 Rip Rap Road, Dayton

When: Every Sunday beginning at noon, through the end of May

Cost: Free

More info: WebsiteFacebook

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