SunWatch presents ‘She Blinded Me with Science’ this weekend as part of an all-female Lecture Series

This year’s Archaeological Institute of America & SunWatch lecture series consists of an all-female lineup.

During the second installment, happening Saturday, Feb. 9 at 10:30 a.m., listeners will hear first-hand, some of the most in-depth findings archaeologists have found on the Battle of the Wabash. View the entire 2019 Lecture Series lineup here.

Christine Thompson presents “The Battle of the Wabash: Working Towards a New View with Archaeology.” Thompson, of Ball State University, will share her thoughts on the significance of the battle through the lens of contemporary archaeological analysis.

Credit: Michael Sampson

Credit: Michael Sampson

“The Battle of the Wabash was a Northwest Indian War battle (1791) that was a resounding victory for the American Indian alliance, and yet has been popularly known for over 200 years as St. Clair’s Defeat,” according to a SunWatch press release. “Ball State University has conducted archaeological and preservation research at the site of the Battle of the Wabash, located in modern day Fort Recovery, Ohio, since 2010.”

Modern archaeological research done on the battle is important because it gives new light on the role the landscape played in the battle strategies of both the American Indian alliance and the U.S. forces.

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WHAT: The Battle of the Wabash: Working Towards a New View with Archaeology

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 9 at 10:30 a.m

WHERE: SunWatch Indian Village, 2301 W. River Road, Dayton

INFO: Website

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