10 cheeses local experts say you won’t want to miss out on this summer

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To know cheese is to love cheese ...

There is never a bad temperature, season or time for cheese. It’s universal, and the options are seemingly endless.

There are many terrific cheeses going into the heat of summer that are light and refreshing to cook with or add to a charcuterie board.

But with approximately 2,000 types of cheese out there, how do you decide? Fortunately, there are local experts that can help make the decision easier.

One of those experts is Baxter Hignite, cheese shop manager at the Dorothy Lane Market in Oakwood. Hignite has worked at Dorothy Lane Market for a decade, stepping into the cheese world in late 2017.

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“(It’s) been my passion and hobby since. I’ve competed three times in a national competition called the Cheesemonger Invitational, and placed Top 10 twice. It’s a competition where you compete and are judged on ten different categories, from blind taste tests, written exams, and food pairings.”

When it comes to celebrating cheese, DLM is ready to lend a hand selling anywhere between 100-130 different cheeses from 15-20 countries throughout the year. And when it comes to quantity they are ready to serve, selling 13,000 pounds of their fresh homemade mozzarella to cheese lovers last year.

“There is something about cheese that is almost transportive. Being able to give someone a taste of a cheese and seeing the smile across their face while I’m describing the farm and story of the cheese is one of my favorite feelings. Whether it is tasting a classic grilled cheese with Kraft American or a piece of the finest french brie, It is almost like taking a mini vacation in your mind. It’s comforting,” Hignite said.

Here’s a look at his 10 cheeses for summer weather to add to your table, recipe or charcuterie board as the weather warms:

Fresh Mozzarella and Burrata

Probably the quintessential summer cheese, especially when paired with fresh garden tomatoes, basil, and a dash of salt and pepper. Mozzarella is also a perfect sandwich topper. Light, delicate, chewy and delicious.

Fresh Chevre

Fresh goat’s milk cheese that is soft, lemony, bright, and acidic. A perfect picnic cheese. Pair it with honey or jam on a baguette for a great summer time treat. It is made all over the world, but we are particularly fond of the wonderful cheese from the farms in Vermont.

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P’tit Basque

A French cheese hailing from the Pyrenees in southern France. It is made with sheep’s milk, which lends a super-rich flavor with notes of caramel and touch of earthiness. It goes best with stone fruits.

Glacier Blue

A wonderful and mild blue cheese from Wisconsin. A large amount of cream is added to the milk during production, making the texture as soft as butter. A perfect cheese for blue cheese beginners but delicious enough to please any connoisseur.

Humboldt Fog

An American original from California that popularized goat’s milk cheese in the United States. It’s creamy, gooey, and cakey, while also being quite refreshing. It has a layer of vegetable ash in the center of the wheel, making it a beautiful cheese to plate, almost like a layer cake.

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Arguably the most famous cheese from Spain, and one of the oldest continually made cheeses in the world. A perfect starter cheese for anyone trying to branch out into the artisanal cheese world. It has a pronounced buttered toast flavor with a salty crunch. Serve with Marcona almonds for a perfect Mediterranean treat.

Fromage D’affinois

A silky and more decadent version of a French brie. It’s soft, mild, sweet, and intensely creamy. A perfect cheese for dessert, especially with strawberries and ginger snaps.

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Credit: Contributed

Lemon and Honey Wensleydale

A handmade cheese from upper Wensleydale in the UK. It has a superb texture paired with a sweet, mild, and clean flavor. It’s certain to brighten up any cheese board it is on. Best served with a nice crisp apple.


A traditional farmers cheese that is bright, tangy, and versatile. Quark pairs beautiful with fruits and berries for a great breakfast or dessert. Use it as a replacement for cream cheese in a bagel or even a cheesecake. Mix it with lemon curd for the a wonderful fruit dip

Honey Bee Gouda

A mild goats milk gouda that is made with a drizzle of honey. A subtle paste with the sweetness of a honey-roasted cashew. Not too salty or strong, perfect for those trying to adventure into the goats milk cheese world.

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