IN THE BALANCE: Artists, photographers share reflections of our community during COVID

Credit: Rebekah Alviani

Credit: Rebekah Alviani

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Dayton-area residents took a new look at the world around them.

In the Sunday, Sept. 6, edition of the Dayton Daily News, a special publication In the Balance: Reflections of Our Community During COVID features photos from Dayton-area artists and photographers showing what they experienced physically and emotionally — and continue to experience — during the pandemic.

Some played in their backyards. Some gathered in driveways.

Some lost their jobs and struggled to put food on the table for their families. Some felt isolated. Some felt scared or sad for special moments lost.

This photo project captures all the changes, big and small, that Daytonians had to make.

The project was done in collaboration with The Contemporary Dayton and the Dayton Daily News. It is sponsored by the Kettering Health Network. The photos selected were curated by The Contemporary Dayton from community submissions.

“It was both a privilege and a challenge to select this grouping of images from such a strong collection of submissions for this project,” said Tracy Longley-Cook, In the Balance project curator. “The photographs and stories from each entrant struck me, providing thoughtful and poignant testimony to their experiences and observations during the last five months. It is my hope that this selection of work provides evidence and understanding of this uncharted arena; constantly changing and filled with all too many unknowns, while instances of resilience, kindness, and solidarity keep us collectively afloat.”

Photographers featured in this project include:

  • Adam Alonzo
  • Rebekah Alviani
  • Stephanie Baker
  • Paul Bruce
  • Shon Curtis
  • Erica Goulart
  • Shawna Hatton
  • Matthew Helton
  • Glenna Jennings
  • Julie Renee Jones
  • Becky Khan
  • Michael Krieger
  • Ishmael McKinney
  • Amalia Rose Petreman
  • Mara Quintero
  • Rachel Girard Reisert
  • Brittany Robinson
  • Kate Slonaker
  • Jeffrey M. Smith
  • Jill Spencer
  • Leah Stahl
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Kathy Turner
  • Joel Whitaker
  • Kyle Wilkinson
  • Chris Yakopcic

Click here to read the stories behind each of the selected photographs. Click here to view the gallery of images.

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