5 Dorothy Lane Market goodies perfect for treating yourself (or someone else) during the holidays

Need to find a quick and yummy treat for yourself or someone else during the holiday season?  Dorothy Lane Market has got you covered.

Phil Issenmann, DLM’s grocery and frozen manager, picked out five items — some new to the store — that are a hit with customers.

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1. Healthy and delicious oatmeal bites

Alyssa's Healthy Oatmeal Bites are vegan and gluten free oatmeal bites made with dried fruit. A unique treat for anyone, DLM has to restock the product every day. "We can't keep these on the shelf," Issenmann said.

Alyssa’s, the company that makes them, really took off when Mark Cuban from the television show “Shark Tank,” invested in them.

A 6 oz package is $5.99.

2. Chocolate Swiss Army knife

Clever packaging wraps Swiss milk chocolate “so soft it melts in your mouth,” Issenmann said.

The replica of the classic Swiss Army knife, made by Victorinox, comes in packages of five for $12.99 or a single bar can be purchased at the register for $2.49.

3. A yard of cookies 

These cookies, made by Lambertz, were so popular last year Issenmann said he tripled the order this year.

Great for parties, the box contains a European assortment of seven classic cookies.

The box is too big to fit into a Christmas stocking but  is perfect for parties.

Just shy of two pounds, the yard sells for $16.99

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4. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Two new local brands of delicious coffee are on the shelves at DLM.

Rezas Roast, a Yellow Springs roaster, makes coffee in a variety of flavors with whimsical names like Adulting Fuel, No Coffee No Talkie, and a decaffeinated roast called What's The Point.

Twisted River, made in Laura, Ohio, comes in Twisted Nut, Breakfast Blend and Twisted Caramel.

Both brands sell for $14.99 and are whole beans coffees. You can take the bags to the DLM coffee bar and they will grind the coffee for you.

5. Gorgeous candies 

The colorful assorted candies made by Sugarfina are normally found in boutique stores in New York and Chicago, Issenmann said.

There are 35 flavors of the candy at DLM’s Washington Twp. store. With names like Robins Egg Caramels, Parisian pineapples, Peach Bellini and Champagne Bears, you’ll be able to find something decadent for everyone.

A small cube of the candy is $7.49 - $8.49 and a large cube is $17.99 - $21.99.

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