70 reasons we LOVE Dorothy Lane Market

This year marks Dorothy Lane Market's 70th year in business. Here are 70 really tasty reasons that their stores are some of our favorite places to shop and eat in town.

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1) They are committed to cooking. Each store has its own kitchen and that's where so many of the creations are made fresh daily, like the options in the gourmet takeaway case. Recipes are chef driven and feature the best ingredients.

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2) They bake bread fresh seven days a week.

3) DLM has its own in-house team of pastry chefs.

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Credit: Amy Truett

Credit: Amy Truett

4) They travel, and they taste. It's part of the job to travel to explore the foods and wines of the world so that they can bring those experiences back to DLM customers. For example, they decided to make their own sourdough Miche bread inspired by bakeries on Paris' Rue des Martyrs after a trip to France.

5) Local is a priority. Their definition of "local" is simple: "Can we get there within a morning's drive?" When shopping, be sure to look for favorites from local vendors.

6) They want you to feel at home with the best customer service they can deliver.

7) Turkey red wheat bread. In 2015, Dorothy Lane Market linked arms with three local farmers for a new food venture. Ed Hill, Dale Friesen, and Danny Jones, embarked on an adventure to grow Turkey Red Wheat on Danny's farm in Xenia. It's a hard winter wheat with a phenomenal story that isn’t typically grown in this region, but they did so and the results have been delicious. Once the wheat is harvested and milled locally, the resulting flour makes its way to Dorothy Lane Market to be baked into bread by our artisan bakers. Friesen’s grandparents were among the German Mennonites who brought with them the seeds of turkey red wheat when they fled Russia to the U.S. in the late 1800s. Dale grew up in Nebraska where Turkey Red Wheat is prominently grown. He’s overcome with emotion to see the crop of his ancestors growing in abundance on Ohio soil and baked into bread by DLM. Now this is food with a story.

8) Brentlinger sweet corn. Besides his farm market, Ray Brentlinger sells exclusively to DLM and has for 40 years. Now that's a long-standing local relationship.

9) At DLM, you’ll find the artisan chocolates from Ghyslain Chocolatier, which is based just a few hours away in Union City, Indiana. Renowned chocolatier Ghyslain Maurais traveled around the world before setting roots for Ghyslain Chocolatier about 20 years ago. Each chocolate shell is hand-painted and encases a flavorful ganache inside.

Credit: Jessica Uttinger & Natalie Kratz

Credit: Jessica Uttinger & Natalie Kratz

10) Their meats are lifetime antibiotic and hormone free. They understood the importance of this before it was widely known and have sold it this way for decades.

11) It's the home of the Killer Brownie® — a Dayton classic!

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12) Naples-style pizza. At DLM Washington Square and Springboro they have specially designed and installed Naples-style wood stone ovens.

13) The DLM Deli. It's the best place for potato salad, chicken salad, and is brimming with possibilities if you are short on dinner ideas. Their signature crowd-pleasing Pine Club Pasta Salad is a long-time favorite.

14) Jack's Grill. You pick it, and they'll grill it at no extra charge. Simply choose from any of the fresh meats and seafood and one of the DLM grillmasters will season and grill. Or, choose a creation from the Jack's Grill menu. Also look for their line of Jack's Grill Grilling Sauces.

15) The DLM soup station. They feature soups that are made fresh daily in both their deli and seafood departments.

16) The DLM bakery is second to none, featuring prominently DLM’s own artisan breads, fresh-baked goods and glistening pâtisserie works of art. Just take a saunter past the bakery case, and your eyes will be drawn in any number of directions while your mouth waters.

17) They make fresh mozzarella daily. You'll often see their cheese connoisseurs rhythmically stretching and shaping warm mozzarella.

18) And speaking of cheese, their Parmigiano-Reggiano is out of this world. Hailing from the Minellis, a family in Italy, it's aged 30 months, and shipped to DLM in massive wheels. If you are ever walking by the DLM Cheese Shop as a new wheel of parmigiano-reggiano is being brought out, stick around. It's pretty impressive to see it "cracked."

19) DLM’s sushi isn’t your average grocery store experience by any means. Just like so many of the foods that are made at DLM, the sushi also has that DLM flair, featuring talented sushi chefs, the same outstanding fish they pride themselves on in their seafood department, and sushi creations that are works of art.

20) They believe that "gluten free" doesn't have to be fun free.

Credit: Jessica Uttinger

Credit: Jessica Uttinger

21) DLM cakes use fresh ingredients, like European-style butter, created by a team of cake pros that are truly artists.

22) They have certified wine specialists on staff. Some of their wine associates have undergone Certified Specialist of Wine training and passed the CSW test.

23) They have a wide variety of beers and pride themselves on carrying an extensive variety of local beers.

24) The DLM salad bar is brimming with possibilities. Each morning, it's filled with fresh-cut lettuce and a multitude of toppings, often reflecting the best of what's in season. You'll also find fresh fruits featured prominently as well as pre-made salad creations.

25) They regularly donate food to Dayton food banks. Each week, approved food banks come by to collect foods that are safe for immediate consumption, but are past the point where they would feature them in their stores.

26) The DLM Good Neighbor Program. Each year, DLM donates to various charities by means of their Good Neighbor Program, where Club DLM members choose a non-profit to be credited with a percent of their purchase. The Good Neighbor Program was started by Vera J. Mayne who often said to "always do the right thing."

27) DLM ships. You can send a taste of DLM across the country via DLMMailOrder.com

28) The DLM drive-up. Curbside pick-up and delivery is available via DLMDriveUp.com.

29) Free WiFi is available at all stores.

30) They have electric vehicle charging stations at all stores.

31) Club DLM. This is a loyalty program that offers weekly savings to all Club DLM members.

32) They have cookouts. Starting in the spring through mid-October, they roll out cookouts on the weekends featuring food favorites.

33) DLM Associates. They are knowledgeable, passionate and trained in the best customer-service practices.

34) When you come to DLM, you’ll be greeted by a friendly carry-out at check-out who is available to help you to your car. Don’t be surprised either if they offer the shield of an umbrella on a rainy day.

35) The DLM Umbrella Brigade. For more than 20 years, you'll find the DLM Umbrella Brigade in action at the Holiday at Home Parade on Labor Day, twirling umbrellas to a choreographed dance down Far Hills Avenue.

36) The Food & Wine Show. Tickets for their incredible Food & Wine Show, happening Nov. 1, are sold out. This is one of the hottest food tickets in town, so mark your calendars for next November and look to buy tickets in 2019.

37) Late in the summer each year, DLM hosts its annual Cheese Show, which showcases sweet and savory recipes where cheese is the shining star. In addition to jaw-dropping appetizers, guests this year enjoyed a fondue station, mac 'n cheese bar, and cheeses from around the world. Visit www.DorothyLane.com/CheeseShow to learn more.

38) Each spring, the DLM pâtisserie chefs are letting their creativity run wild as they prepare for the Spring Fling Pastry & Food Show, a ticketed event that showcases the stunning creations of the pastry team as well as a scrumptious selection of foods and wine.

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39) BaconFest. Their annual celebration of bacon and all the possibilities, including their very own DLM uncured bacon, which is nitrate and nitrite free. You'll find recipes throughout the store where bacon is the shining star. Look for this event in late January 2019.

40) At Oyster Happy Hour, DLM rolls out an oyster bar featuring new oysters each week to be shucked for you. Then, load it up with featured toppings from the ostyer bar. Oyster Happy Hour happens 4-7 p.m. on Wednesdays at DLM Washington Square and 4-7 p.m. Fridays at DLM Springboro and Oakwood. See what's featured this week at www.dorothylane.com/oysterhappyhour

Credit: Jessica Uttinger

Credit: Jessica Uttinger

41) Nestled in the same shopping center as DLM Washington Square is the DLM Culinary Center. With each season, you'll find a new schedule of hands-on classes and events for every flavor of foodie. Visit www.DorothyLane.com/CulinaryCenter for more information.

42) The Healthy Living department at Dorothy Lane Market connects with health and wellness experts and vendors to provide monthly programming, typically each month. Seminars range in topic from nutrition to aromatherapy. In the spring, many of these professionals and vendors share their knowledge at the annual DLM Health Fair.

43) The DLM Springboro community room. Interested in utilizing the community room? Reach out to schedule your event. This is a great meeting space.

44) They are local. More than 70 years later, Dorothy Lane Market continues to be owned and operated by the Mayne family with three locations in the Dayton area.

45) Their history. Calvin D. Mayne and Frank Sakada, founded Dorothy Lane Market as a humble fruit stand at the corner of Far Hills and Dorothy Lane in 1948.

46) Lobstermania. Every year the Saturday before Memorial Day this popular tradition returns.

47) Specialty cuts of meat. Depending on what you need they can get it for you — just ask!

48) Need your knives sharpened? Bring in up to three knives at one time to the DLM meat department and they’ll be ready for pick up the next day.

49) It's not uncommon to see multiple generations of family members at work here at DLM, some spanning up to three generations. There also are many customers whose parents and grandparents have been friends to DLM over the years.

50) The knowledge of DLM associates. It's not uncommon to find associates who have been here 25 years or more.

Credit: Jessica Uttinger

Credit: Jessica Uttinger

51) They know their fishermen. The store deals direct with many fisherman to get the fish to stores directly, which means less time spent out of water.

52) DLM coffee bars featuring all feature locally roasted Boston Stoker coffee.

53) King Cake. As Mardi Gras nears, know that your King Cake fix can be satisfied at DLM.

54)There's a reason why people walk into DLM and feel that DLM difference. A passion for good food is woven into the very culture of DLM and that shows, whether you are seeking recommendations for a wine to pair with your fresh fish, seeking preparation tips for a cut of meat, or are looking to run in and grab something that's been cooked in the DLM kitchens or bakery. It all starts with a passion for good food that's brought to life by the DLM staff.

55) Roasted Hatch Chiles. Every August, as the Hatch Chile season peaks, they feature these prized chiles from Hatch Valley, NM.

56) It's good to be a kid at DLM. There are kids' cookies from the bakery, featured kids' club fruit, and kids' events like the Mother's Day cake decorating and Father's Day cookie decorating.

57) Non-GMO DLM free-range turkeys. Raised by local Bowman and Landes, their DLM free-range turkeys are raised exclusively for DLM and fed a non-GMO diet in addition to being lifetime free of antibiotics.

58) Hill Family Farm chicken. Ed Hill has been a dear friend to DLM for more than 25 years and his chickens have been featured at the store since then.

59) Heavenly Ham® has been a DLM staple since the early '80s. This is a must-have for holiday entertaining.

60) Chefs' plates. Perhaps one of Dayton's best kept secrets, every Thursday at DLM Washington Square you can choose from two chef-driven entrees while supplies last. See what'll be featured next: https://www.dorothylane.com/departments/beer-wine/

61)The DLM Local Grass-fed Beef Program is possible thanks to local farming families raising grass-fed cattle in the Miami Valley. All of these families work with DLM to ensure that they abide by grass-fed beef best practices, meaning the cattle are fed a 100 percent grass-fed diet and are lifetime antibiotic and hormone free.

62) Yep, there's an app for that. "Dorothy Lane Market Naples-Style Pizza App" is available on Android and ios devices. Place an order from the palm of your hand for a Naples-Style Pizza.

63) Laura's Cookies. These cookies are carried exclusively at the DLM Bakery.

64) Flat Chicken. These are so good, and great for a super easy one-pan dinner. A semi-boneless whole DLM chicken (air-chilled, free-roaming, and antibiotic-free), is ready to cook, having soaked in the flavors from one of several marinades, such as Champagne Vinaigrette, Buffalo or Carolina BBQ. These are perfect for a quick, one-pan dinner.

65) The Wine & Beer departments at all three stores host weekly wine tastings (for a nominal tasting fee), where they feature a new selection of wines from vineyards across the world. It's a great opportunity to explore wine in a non-intimidating environment. DLM Oakwood (4-8 p.m. Fridays and 2-6 p.m. Saturdays); DLM Washington Square (4-7 p.m. Wednesdays, 5-8 p.m. Thursdays, and noon-5 p.m. Saturdays); DLM Springboro (3-7 p.m. Fridays and noon-5 p.m. Saturdays).

66) Grandma Tobias Pumpkin Pie. This is DLM's best-selling holiday pie and it's that homemade pie you crave in an all-butter crust, inspired by Grandma Tobias and her legendary pie recipe.

67) Vera Jane's Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. DLM thinks so much of this olive oil that it proudly wears the name and image of Vera Jane Mayne. The olives are grown in the Tuscan region of Italy by the Zanetti family. It's got flavor, balance, and a peppery kick.

68) DLM Good Neighbor 5K. Every year, DLM partners with local Up & Running to host this 5K. The best part? Proceeds benefit area food banks.

69) They'll go the extra mile. Recently, a customer shared a story on DLM's Facebook page about how an item they paid for was accidentally left at the check-out stand. When they got home (30 minutes away), they realized the error and called DLM. Without hesitation, a DLM associate brought the item to the customers home.

70) Dinner Deals are another DLM fan favorite. For under $8-12, choose an entree and two sides from those marked in our Gourmet Takeway case. It's a home-cooked dinner that you didn't have to cook.

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