Hidden gem galleria in Centerville celebrating 10 years with monthlong show



A Dayton galleria that teaches budding artists the classical methods used by the great master oil painters is hitting a big milestone in April.

Olde Masters Galleria, located at 25 Iron Gate Park Dr. in Centerville, is presenting its first-ever juried art show to celebrate 10 years since it opened its doors. The gallery’s owner and founder, Cecilia Brendel, said Olde Masters is one of “Dayton’s little secrets” because of its secluded location, but, “when people find it, they never want to leave it,” Brendel said.

From April 1 through the end of April, the show will be displayed at the Springboro Performing Arts Center (SPAC). The show is open to the public. The performing arts center is at 115 Wright Station Way in Springboro.

“They’ve been so gracious,” Brendel said of the performing arts center officials. “They first asked me to have a solo show, and I was just thinking, I would just really love to have my students have an opportunity to showcase their work. There’s some really beautiful art that’s coming out of here, and I’m just so proud of each and every one of them.”



Some students have been learning under Brendel since the Centerville galleria first opened. Works on display in April’s show will be a combination of students’ work completed during the pandemic along with some of Brendel’s favorite pieces her students have completed over the past 10 years.

Students of Brendel’s range in age from 7 to 92.

“Grandpa Jack,” or Jack Feverston, 92, has created a “magnificent replica of a Rembrandt piece of The Storm of the Sea of Galilee” for the show, Brendel said. The painting is an Olde Master’s replica of the famous painting that was stolen from a museum years ago.

“One of my past students, Bill Bradfield, who has passed away unfortunately, painted the Mona Lisa with me, and so I am really proud of him — such a sweetheart. It’s such an outstanding job on his work, and I really want everybody to see these people’s works, because most of them have not exhibited any art, ever.”

As this is the galleria’s first juried art show, Brendel said it was a chance to finally reward some of the students for their years of hard work.

The winners of the show will be awarded at a ceremony and reception on Saturday, April 17 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The show will be judged and decided by Ray Burt, a Cincinnati native and local and nationally known artist who has been involved in national art shows over a long career.

Also showcased at the show will be Brendel’s own series of original Sherlock Holmes oil paintings and her popular series of miniature oil pendant paintings.



“I’m so excited,” Brendel said. “I’m telling you, I thought for sure I was going to be closing up because I was struggling last year during COVID, and just little miracles here and there, just by the grace of God, have kind of kept me open. This is the way I was hoping to celebrate my 10-year anniversary, not by closing, but to have a nice show.”

Brendel has loved art since she was a child. Starting as a young girl drawing with her sisters, Brendel has become an accomplished professional artist, all while sharing her talents every step of the way.

Before officially opening the Centerville galleria, Brendel was teaching friends from her daughter’s former bedroom. Sharing her craft comes naturally.

“(I’m) very grateful to all students and friends and family who support Olde Masters Galleria,” Brendel said. “The studio is surviving on the edge, especially because of the pandemic, so any and all support is most welcome and appreciated.”

To explore all the programs and workshops open at the galleria, visit oldemastersgalleria.com.

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