You can get the ‘Best Fish & Chips’ right here in Dayton

The Pub Beavercreek has something to celebrate after a British brewery concluded the fish and chips served at the restaurant are the best in  America!

Old Speckled Hen, an ale produced in Great Britain, sponsors the "Best Fish & Chips" competition every year, and this year, a sister restaurant of The Pub Beavercreek at The Greene tied for first place, according to this Old Speckled Hen release.

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The Pub Beavercreek is one of 10 restaurants in "The Pub" chain. The Beavercreek's sister restaurant in Pembroke Pines, Florida was the actual participant in the contest. The contest began last November with entries from more than 100 pubs across the country. It ended with a tie between The Pub and McMullan's Pub in Las Vegas.

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The dishes were judged on batter consistency, fish freshness, perfect chip texture and how well the dish complemented “Old Speckled Hen,” brewery officials said. Among five finalists, both The Pub and McMullan’s scored 105 out of 110 possible points to tie for first.

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“We are thrilled to receive this honor from such an exceptional company like Old Speckled Hen,” Nick Sanders, owner of The Pub’s parent company, Tavern Restaurant Group, said in a release. “Our team works hard every day to bring an authentic British pub experience to every guest, and an award like this means we must be doing something right.”

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