You can now get the ‘world’s strongest coffee’ in Dayton — and you might be surprised where

"Death Wish Coffee" says it produces the strongest coffee in the world  — and the brew has made it the Dayton area, but at a venue you might not expect.

“For coffee fans looking for a new caffeine fix, Death Wish Coffee — the World’s Strongest Coffee — will be available in Dayton for the first time starting June 9, hitting the shelves at local Walmarts,” Death Wish Coffee said in a release.

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The rollout is part of Walmart’s “Investing In American Jobs” initiative, which aims to source U.S.-made goods that are new to the Walmart chain. Death Wish’s 18-count coffee K-Cups ( the company says they’re also known as “death cups) will be stocked in more than 1,600 Walmarts in 50 states, at a price of $17.97  per box. If our math is right, that’s reeeaaalllly close to $1 per K-cup.

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The independent web site rates Death Wish Coffee as "dangerously high" in caffeine at 728 milligrams per 12-ounce cup, concluding that, "This coffee is only for those who have a tolerance for caffeine and who can handle high amounts of caffeine. This just may be the strongest coffee in the world."

But it deserves noting that Death Wish isn't the only coffee maker to claim to make the strongest coffee in the world.

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Here’s what Death Wish had to say for itself:

“Founded in 2012 by owner Mike Brown, Death Wish has grown from a small e-commerce-centric business into a cult brand with nationwide retail distribution. Helping drive the brand’s growth since its inception was the fierce Death Wish commercial that aired during Super Bowl 50—the first prize for winning a contest sponsored by Intuit’s QuickBooks.”

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“Death Wish uses a combination of Robusta and Arabica beans sourced primarily from India and Peru as well as a tailor-made process to ensure perfect roasting. The result is a bold brew with unparalleled flavors and 200 percent more caffeine than standard coffee.”

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Last fall, Death Wish Coffee made headlines for a different reason: it recalled one of its pre-packaged nitro coffee products because of fears that it could be contaminated with the potentially deadly toxin botulin. The recall was the result of a shortcoming in the production process of the nitro coffee product, and no illnesses were associated with the recall.

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