Feature length movie films in Kettering

A filmmaker with ties to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is filming an independent movie in Kettering that is wrapping up this week.

It’s the second feature-length film from a director and producer team with ties to Wright-Patt. They held auditions, hired local actors, found local locations and financed the film themselves.

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Clint Bramlette, writer and director, is co-producing the movie, “The Color of the Sun,” with his friend since childhood, Eric Monk. The duo grew up in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Bramlette serves in the Air Force and is stationed at Wright-Patt. He has been shooting the film over the last two weeks in Kettering near Dot’s Grocery on Norton Avenue.

“The Color of the Sun is a movie about a girl who is haunted by this yellow entity that killed her mom and it caused her Dad to go crazy,” Bramlette said, taking a short break shortly after he filmed a scene that involved a dead body in a basement. “He disappears and then whenever she sees the color yellow then this yellow monster comes and attacks her.”

The lead character, Ash, played by KateLynn Newberry, becomes reclusive and the movie starts when one of her friends comes back to see her and it forces her to open up, but the conversations bring the monster back into her life.

Bramlette said the inspiration for the movie started after he and Monk completed the action movie “Quest for Suki” a few years ago. He said they wanted to experiment with a different genre and chose horror.

Monk worked with Bramlette on their first feature film. He is directing the photography for this movie and says the atmosphere in the Kettering area is perfect for a horror film.

“I live in LA, so the vibe in Kettering has been cool to shoot this movie,” he said. “The cloudy sky and cold weather let’s you get a really good look. The winter has an empty type of feeling.”

Both filmmakers say that the organization Film Dayton has been tremendous to work with and has helped provide everything the production has needed.

Newberry and her love interest in the film, actor Paul Dunn, who plays Clay, say the script and atmosphere has been top-shelf.

“A psychological thriller is hard to do,” she said. “But both the sets and props as well as, the script have been amazing.

Dunn added, “it’s been way more collaborative than I thought it would be. But I think it has worked so well for this movie.”

Jessica Gallo, a 24-year-old Daytonian and musician, is making her movie debut after getting a nudge from her mother to audition. She got cast as Lilly, who is Ash’s best friend.

“I am normally a musician so this has been cool to try something different,” she said. “This has been a great experience.”

Dayton native Paul Stelzer, a 1990 grad from Vandalia-Butler, plays Ash’s father in the movie. He’s also a stand-up comic, but said the, “opportunity to perform and act in a feature length film,” has been exciting.

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Bramlette said the movie should finish post-production in a little more than a year and then he hopes to submit it to film festivals for consideration.

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