Miami Co. distillery to release new ‘Dandy John’s’ white corn whiskey

Indian Creek Distillery — where Joe and Missy Duer make whiskeys in the same copper-pot stills that Missy's great-great-great-grandfather Elias Staley used to distill rye whiskey in the early 19th century — will release a new spirit this Saturday: Dandy John's White Corn Whiskey.

“Our goal is to offer whiskey lovers fine examples of Early American Whiskey, so to add this unaged White Corn Whiskey to our existing lineup of whiskeys just made sense,” Missy Duer told this news outlet.

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Dandy John’s will be available at the Indian Creek Distillery — located at 7095 Staley Road in Bethel Twp. in Miami County’s southeast corner — beginning Saturday, and soon thereafter in the 150 state liquor retailers around Ohio that carry Indian Creek’s other products. The cost is $35.00 per 750 ml bottle. Indian Creek also produces its flagship Staley Rye Whiskey, Elias Staley Unaged Rye Whiskey, and Andy’s Old No. 5 Bourbon, which is the aged version of the Dandy’s John’s.

The new whiskey is named after Missy Duer’s great-great uncle.

“I felt it was only fitting to name this unique whiskey after him since three of our other whiskeys are named after my ancestors who were distillers here on the farm all their lives,” she said.

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Dandy John’s White Corn Whiskey is double copper pot distilled in pot stills that date to 1820.

Here’s how the Duers described the whiskey’s taste:

“This is an exciting bright and flavorful unaged corn whiskey. It is chock full of sweet corn flavor with a long warm finish with a ‘smooth’ kick that you would expect from this style of whiskey. Flavor and warmth go hand in hand with this whiskey.”

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