Sink your teeth into Twist Cupcakery this summer

If you’re like our staff, you need a variety of sweets to get through the week. That’s why we’re stoked to hear that a new cupcakery will be setting up shop in downtown Dayton, hopefully as soon as June’s First Friday.

You may have already tried one of Twist Cupcakery’s drool-worthy creations, as founder and master baker Alexandra “Kate” Rivers has been making custom orders from her home business as Alexandria’s Creations since 2012. Now, she’s rebranded, made Twist Cupcakery an LLC, and is putting most of the family savings into opening a brick-and-mortar shop on St. Clair Street, and launched a Kickstarter on April 30 to cover a portion of the costs.

The Kickstarter requests $6,000 be raised to help offset the costs of the baking equipment, some of the licensing and general startup costs, and supplies for the building.

“If we exceed that goal, we’ll be able to go on to our ‘Love to Have’ list. But right now, we’re focusing on our ‘need to have’ list,” Rivers said.

Though the store will be focused around Rivers’ signature custom-baked goods — from cupcakes in jars to cookies and brownies — Rivers wants Twist to be a center for lunch meetings, special events and afternoon snacks with the kids. From providing Wi-Fi to serving sweets with a plate and fork, Twist will provide exceptional customer service from the minute you walk in the door until the door shuts behind you. Vegan, gluten-free and paleo options will be offered so that no one needs to miss out on a treat.

From Lego-themed cakes to maple-bacon shooter cupcakes to chocolate-dipped strawberries, you can bet we’ll be first in line to have a sweet-themed lunch once Twist opens this summer.

Check out the Kickstarter page (and donate a dollar or two… or $50…) here. For updates, follow Twist Cupcakery on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, and be sure to check out the sweet sweet pictures on the main website,

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