Stunning steel installation is Kettering’s new gateway

The Schantz Avenue bridge is the site for Kettering’s latest public art installation.

Vicki Scuri, a Seattle-area artist, was selected to design the installation out of 94 artist submissions from around the world.

The steel installation, located at South Dixie and West Schantz Avenues, will be completed this week. It is entitled “Schantz” and envisioned to be a visual entry into and out of the city.

“This was a good opportunity to do something visually impactful that becomes a landmark for Kettering,” Shayna V. McConville, City of Kettering cultural arts manager, said.

Scuri’s design was inspired by patterns in the stained glass of trolley cars that once ran through Kettering and from research and interviews with surrounding neighbors.

Abstract butterflies and diamonds can be seen in the steel design and a 23-foot tall tower will take center stage along South Dixie Avenue.

New lighting will illuminate the installation at night and landscaping around the bridge is planned for the future.

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