Annie Oakley takes aim at an apple sitting on top of her dogs' head. The English setter, named "Dave," grew so accustomed to the sound of gun fire while hunting with Oakley and her husband Frank Butler he became part of their show. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE NATIONAL ANNIE OAKLEY CENTER AT THE GARST MUSEUM

3 things to know about Annie Oakley, Darke County's famous sharpshooter

The 2016 Annie Oakley Festival will return to Greenville from July 26-31 to celebrate the life of the Darke County native.

Here are three things you should know about the world-famous sharpshooter:

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1. Her father's death put the family in a tough spot. She was one of seven children, and her father died after a blizzard trapped him and a team of horses as they retrieved supplies during winter in 1856.

2. She started shooting to help feed the family. She started with her father's old muzzle loader at age 8, trying to put some food on the table.

3. She met her husband while shooting against him. In a contest, not at each other. She was 15 when a Cincinnati hotel keeper set up a shooting contest between her and well-known shooter Frank Butler. She beat him, striking 25-of-25 released birds.

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