TOILET PAPER (oh, and milk and cereal) part of Frisch’s new ‘Big Boy Market’

Grocery items are available for carryout, drive-through and delivery, restaurant chain says

Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant officials announced this afternoon, March 19, that it has launched a “Big Boy’s Market” that offers staple items such as toilet paper, milk, cereal and other “essentials” for carryout or delivery.

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“Frisch’s Big Boy is here for you in these challenging times,” Jason Vaughn, president and CEO of Frisch’s Big Boy, said in a release. The Cincinnati-based chain operates a dozen restaurants in the Dayton, Springfield, Hamilton and Middletown areas.

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A Frisch’s spokeswoman told this news outlet today that customers can purchase the Big Boy’s Market grocery items at each restaurant’s drive-through or carryout windows. When placing a delivery order online on a delivery service such as DoorDash, the milk, toilet paper and other grocery items are listed under “pantry” and can be found by scrolling down past Frisch’s restaurant menu items.

Frisch’s restaurants are also offering their menu for carryout or delivery while dining rooms are shut down due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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The market items may vary by location, and Frisch’s officials said the offer “may be for a limited time.” But here is a list of the grocery items that Frisch’s officials said are available at Big Boy’s Market:

-- Single rolls of bathroom tissue, limit four per order

-- Half gallons of milk and chocolate milk

-- Breads (white, rye, whole wheat, 12 grain, buns)

-- 12-count dinner rolls

-- Soft tortillas

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-- Five-pound bags of sugar

-- Single-serve cereals (Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs)

-- Produce (celery stalks, tomatoes, broccoli, red onions)

-- 20-ounce Frisch’s Big Boy ketchup

-- 20-ounce French’s Classic yellow mustard

-- Four-pound container of Frisch’s Big Boy tuna salad

-- Two-liter bottles of some Coca-Cola products

-- 20-ounce bottles of Dasani Purified Water and Coca-Cola products

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