'Great mattress migration of 2019': Beds set out for movie night blow away

It will forever be called the "great mattress migration of 2019" when the wind picked up and relocated dozens of air mattresses that were blown up for a movie-in-bed under the stars event in Colorado.

People in Stapleton, a neighborhood in Denver, couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the mattresses flying through the air and being followed by people who were trying to catch them, The Denver Post reported.

Some of the mattresses that weren't caught became impromptu pool floats after they flew over a fence and landed in a pool area, KDVR reported.

One man was able to record some of the craziness, uploading it to social media.

Robb Manes said when he glanced over to the event's organizer she told him, "This is a disaster," he told the Denver Post.

Manes and others spent about 30 minutes trying to catch the beds, he told the newspaper.

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