New Boston Stoker coffee shop coming to Centerville

A new Boston Stoker coffee shop is coming to South Main Street (Ohio 48) in Centerville.

The new shop could open “softly” in as soon as three weeks, Boston Stoker President Henry Dean told this news outlet Sunday. It will be located in a former bank building at 215 N. Main St. (Ohio 48) across the street from Benham’s Grove.

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Plans call for an existing Boston Stoker coffee shop in the Washington Square Shopping Center to shut down, probably on Dec. 31, Dean said. That will mark the end of an era: There has been a Boston Stoker coffee shop in the Washington Square shopping center since 1981, even before the Dorothy Lane Market store that anchors the retail center opened, Dean said.

Boston Stoker will lease the 3,000-square-foot South Main Street space in Centerville, Dean said. The ability to offer drive-through service — the former bank already had a drive-through window in place — made the space attractive, the Boston Stoker president said.

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Drive-through windows are becoming more popular with restaurants, coffee shops, drug stores and other businesses. Dean said they offer convenience to commuters on their way to work and to families with young children in the car.

Boston Stoker will make some creative use of some other features of the former financial building. The bank vault will be transformed into a game room focusing on board games, and other former bank office space will house a second game room, with a bumper-pool table and a foosball table, and a separate conference room will accommodate business meetings, Dean said.

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The new Centerville Boston Stoker also will offer cigars. Custom cigar cases are being installed inside the shop, Dean said.

Boston Stoker operates six coffee shops in the region, and for a few weeks in December, that number will briefly jump to seven before the Washington Square location shuts its doors.

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