Local coffee shop now open inside Huber Heights grocery store

The Dayton-based coffee brand, The Grind House Coffee and Tea Company, wasted no time moving forward after the abruptly closing its first standalone shop.

In a Facebook post on Monday, July 16, Grind House announced it would be closing its Fairborn location on West Main Street just a few months after opening.

>>Fairborn coffee shop abruptly closes, announces new location in Huber Heights

In a Facebook post Tuesday morning, the business announced the opening of its newest shop inside the Huber Heights Meijer store.

The shop will be open 6 a.m. through 9 p.m every day, even during the weeks of soft opening.

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Despite the Fairborn shop closing doors, Grind House president and CEO Bill Miller said the Meijer location has been in the plans all along, and that this move with Meijer is in line with goals he has set for Grind House.

“I’m very excited ... we are hoping that all of my friends from Dayton in my old neighborhood will come out and support us in the Huber Heights location,” Miller said.

“The plans were to do the Fairborn and Meijer (locations) at the same time,” Miller said. “But basically since Fairborn didn’t work out, we’re just going to move forward and focus on the Meijer location and grow from there ... The vision is to have over 100 stores in five years. You know, it might take eight (years), but that’s the vision.”

Miller is looking ahead to the brand’s next standalone retail shops in West Dayton and Trotwood — specifically, a currently vacant Wendy’s in West Dayton.

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