Oakwood chocolate shop part of the 15 ‘world’s happiest places.’

Okay, we all know that chocolate = happiness. But how MUCH happiness?

CNN thinks it knows the answer.

The cable news network has named a Brussels, Belgium-based chocolate maker — the company's name is, simply, "Mary" — as one of the "15 Happiest Places in the World." And 16 months ago, when that century-old chocolate maker opened its first location in North America, where it is branded as Madame Delluc, it did so in Oakwood, Ohio.

Madame Delluc Artisan Chocolatier, 2510 Far Hills Ave., was co-founded by Francoise Walusis, a native of Belgium who came to Ohio more than two decades ago to attend Wittenberg University. Madame Delluc opened a second location in suburban Columbus a few months ago.



Here’s what CNN said about Mary — and about its American presence that is, so far, only in Ohio:

“Scientists say that chocolate actually does trigger chemicals in the brain that make people feel happier. Some studies indicate that dark chocolate helps with memory and heart function.

“But there’s chocolate, and then there’s Mary — the nearly century-old chocolatier on Brussels’ Rue Royale. Mary Delluc opened her business in 1919. Her reputation for exacting standards made her a chocolate purveyor to the kings.

“Today there are branches throughout Belgium, and even one in Ohio, and anyone can enjoy her little bites of happiness, with caramel, pralines, almond paste or liqueurs.”

Keep in mind, this isn't the first national shout-out that Mary and Madame Delluc have scored. A Mary chocolate bar last year was lauded as one of the nine "Best Chocolates in the World" by a Conde Nast Traveler writer.

And Madame Delluc was mentioned favorably in a column published last year in "goop," an online newsletter/web magazine launched by Gwyneth Paltrow. In a column entitled "What Women Really Want for Valentine's Day," Kate Wolfson, Senior Editor for goop, listed several gift items that she said are all about the "grand romantic gesture." Among those items listed was the Madame Delluc box of chocolates, "Ballotin 18 Pralines."

For more information about Madame Delluc, check out its web site.

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