This West Chester business takes escape room games to a new (virtual) level

A Butler County attraction is seeking to capitalize on the worldwide popularity of escape room attractions with a new feature.

Escape The Room Challenge, 7391 Squire Court in West Chester Twp., recently started offering a new escape room concept using the technology of virtual reality aimed at taking the experience to a new level.

The new VR escape game is called “Decomposed” and sees players attempt to escape a virtual room in a limited time period.

Players use virtual reality headsets and hand controllers, and are immersed in a world of 3-D visuals and sound effects as they attempt to “move around” a haunted mansion and solve clues in order to escape the virtual reality environment in one hour or less.

Advanced computer technology allows players to be inserted into this artificial world so they can interact with various virtual features of the game and “see themselves” in relation to others players in the room.

Escape the Room Challenge is touting “Decomposed” as “the first escape room virtual reality game in the region.”

Playing the game is like being inserted into a real-time, interactive movie, according to officials with the business. Two to four people can play “Decomposed” at one time.

The virtual reality escape experience is youth-friendly for ages seven and older.

Tickets for "Decomposed" are $28 per person for a 60-minute experience and admission is by reservation only by booking online at or calling 513-759-7666.

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