Washington Twp. center that houses Original Pancake House will be renovated to lure new businesses

A popular shopping center in Washington Twp. is being renovated, and township officials are pleased with the way the developer is handling the project.

Ryan Lee, development director for Washington Twp., said the center is home to a well-liked eatery, and the upgrades that are planned will make the it more contemporary.

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The strip center, owned by Larkspur Properties, houses the Original Pancake House and is known as Yankee Station.

“This particular site is currently being redeveloped to include a redesigned, contemporary facade and subdivision of the vacant space which previously housed a gym tenant,” Lee said. “This space is being subdivided and broken down into individual tenant spaces.”

The Original Pancake House is a popular destination for diners looking to taste its famous pancakes and also its six-egg omelets, crepes, bacon and coffee. The restaurant, which seats 155 and employs about 26, was purchased last year by Brad Haber, who had been with the eatery for 14 years.

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David Bernstein, owner of Larkspur, a foreign limited liability company, said he bought the Yankee station retail shopping center at 1510-1530 Miamisburg-Centerville Road for nearly $2 million in November of 2017.

He said the 33,870-square-foot retail center off Ohio 725, near Interstate 675, is in a prime location where average household incomes are close to $85,000 a year. The site is near a Chic-Fil-A restaurant and Whole Foods.

According to Bernstein, 56 percent of the center’s floor area is a former Bally’s Gym that Larkspur will convert to small-shop space. Larkspur also plans to convert some of the excess parking lot to a self-storage facility “to capitalize on the strong visibility of the center in an upscale Dayton suburb.”

“We are just renovating the center for retail space and it is going to be a complete renovation of what used to be the Bally’s,” he said. “I would say after the renovation is done, hopefully there will be 12 to 13 tenants.”

The renovations being made to Yankee Station are going according to plans, and Bernstein feels it will be up and running by the start of next year.

“The entire project is in excess of $1 million. We are pleased with the progress,” he said.

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The new look Yankee Station is one part of several changes going on in the township. WireNet is constructing a new 100-foot-tall cell tower in the township.

The company is taking advantage of the widespread use of cell phones to construct cell towers in communities across the country.

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