Dayton Pedal Wagon still going strong and making plans for its next season

“We are going strong and had a great first year,”  Pedal Wagon Dayton manager said.

Credit: Photo: Contributed

Credit: Photo: Contributed

Jen Bergman blames the confusion partly on some people not reading beyond the Facebook headline before making conclusions.

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The Pedal Wagon Dayton manager says her company has received several calls and comments since news broke over the summer that Lindsay Kleinhenz and Chad Banter, the owners of Dayton-based QuadracycAle, plan to shelve or sell the business. The Dayton-area couple cited a family illness as the reason in a Facebook post.

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Bergman said some have confused Pedal Wagon with QuadracycAle.

Both companies launched locally in March of 2017, operate mainly in downtown Dayton and the Oregon District and have the same basic concept — customers pedaling and drinking from pub to pub.

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Dayton City Commission approved an ordinance for pedal pub mobile alcohol establishments in February 2017, clearing the way for both QuadracycALE and Pedal Wagon to operate here.

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This news organization reached out to Bergman after receiving several comments about Pedal Wagon on our post about QuadracycAle.

In an Facebook message, Kleinhenz and Banter said, “we just want to again thank those businesses and patrons that supported us. We loved meeting everyone.”

Credit: Photo: Contributed

Credit: Photo: Contributed

Despite the confusion, Bergman said Pedal Wagon is doing well and is already making plans for its 2019 season.

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Among other things, she is working with a University of Dayton class for an art project on one of her wagon bikes.

The Cincinnati-based company launched its third Dayton pedal wagon bike around the Fourth of July.

"We are going strong and had a great first year," Bergman said. "This year has been more of the same."

Bergman she and her staff members considered Kleinhenz and Banter part of their family and loved seeing them on the road.

“This had to be a really hard decision for them,” Bergman said, noting she plans to reach out to the couple. “We wanted them to be on the road as much as we were on the road and wanted them to succeed.”

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