The brand new Kitchen Sink Brownie Bites at Dorothy Lane Market
Photo: Dorothy Lane Market Photography
Photo: Dorothy Lane Market Photography

DLM Bakery just unveiled a brand new brownie that has everything going for it, literally

Dorothy Lane Market is at it again.

The ooey gooey, moist and rich brownies that just cannot be turned down have a new member of their family. DLM just announced their newest brownie variation, Kitchen Sink Brownie Bites. 

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They’re dangerously snackable, with “colorful sprinkles, M&M's and mini chocolate chips, all mixed into layers of a traditional brownie and a blonde brownie”-- then baked to perfection.

“When dreaming up a name, we just kept coming back to Kitchen Sink Brownie Bites because this brownie truly has everything but the kitchen sink in the best of ways,” said a Dorothy Lane Market spokesperson. 

Kitchen Sink Brownie Bites are now available at all DLM Bakery locations. Visit Dorothy Lane Market’s website to find your nearest DLM.