Dayton has so many fries to love, but these fries are a cut above the rest: Dublin Pub, Corner Kitchen, Five Guys, Roost, Sea Jax, Wheat Penny, Meadowlark.

7 of the most unique and yumtastic French fries in Dayton

Crispy, crinkled, curly and/or covered in cheese, Daytonians love a good French fry. 

Not every French fry is a cut from the same potato. So here we highlight some of the area’s most unique fries.

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Photo: Lisa Powell, Dayton Daily News

What is ooey, gooey and probably not so heart smart? The Dublin Pub’s cheese fries ($9.99).  

The description says it all: “Thick cut wedge fries smothered with white wine sauce, crispy bacon, topped with a blend of cheeses and baked to perfection.” You can even get the fries beef poutine style or vegetarian style. 

There’s a reason it is the restaurant’s top-selling appetizer. 

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The Dublin Pub 

300 Wayne Ave. Dayton 

937.224.7822 | WebsiteFacebook


The Hamburger and fries at Five Guys in West Chester. Staff photo by Greg Lynch

This burger chain puts equal emphasis on its fries, and it shows. These always fresh-cut fries with the skin on have been crowned Dayton’s best of two years. These “boardwalk” style fries are served piping hot and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. These fries can be dressed up with Cajun spices if you want a little kick.(regular size, $4.19)

Always overflowing and leaving just the right amount of brown bag grease stains, Five Guys knows how to slice em’, fry em’ and salt them to perfection — every time.

Five Guys

1143 Brown St., Dayton

937-222-2325 | WebsiteFacebook

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It is hard to go wrong with Parmesan fries, but Roost kicks its munchable fries up 11 more notches with some dynamic dipping sauces: dill pickle ketchup, white truffle aioli and prosciutto aioli (Large fries, $8 plus sauces $2= $10). Great starter before an order of Roost’s delicious ciabatta crushed tomahawk pork chop.

Roost Modern Italian 

525 E. Fifth St. Dayton 

937.222.3100 | WebsiteFacebook


Photo: Contributed

To understand the wonder behind Corner Kitchen's fries, one must first know the back story. Corner Kitchen Chef Jack Skilliter said that every version of the restaurant’s menu included poutine from the beginning. But he had high expectations while crafting the recipe: The fries needed to be thick-cut and substantial enough to stand up to the hearty gravy, while staying crispy. ($9)

That's how the perfect fries were born. They are double-fried so they stay crispy on the outside and delicate on the inside. After they come out of the fryer, the fries are coated in the most delicious, herbacious seasoning.

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Corner Kitchen 

613 E 5th St, Dayton 

937-719-0999 | WebsiteFacebook

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Photo: Amelia Robinson

There are no cheese curds, but Sea Jax honors Quebec with its version of poutine. 

Delicious brown gravy, carmelized onions, shredded cheese and tender top round beef cover crispy French (Canadian) fries ($13.99). 

Other fry options include the Seasoned Pub Fries ($2.99) or Garbage Fries, seasoned Pub fries topped with melted cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, bacon and housemade pico de gallo and ranch dressing ($10.99).

Sea Jax Tavern 

5900 Bigger Road, Kettering 

937.439.1664 | WebsiteFacebook


Photo: Vivienne Machi, Staff Writer

Want kids to eat their veggies? Serve ‘em an order of Wheat Penny’s divinely crispy eggplant fries with yogurt sauce. ($6.95)

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Wheat Penny Oven & Bar 

515 Wayne Ave., Dayton 

937.496.5268 | WebsiteFacebook


Photo: Meadowlark Facebook

Head over to Meadowlark, Wheat Penny’s sister restaurant also owned by acclaimed chef Elizabeth Wiley, for a cone of piping hot garlic frites ($6.95). Watch out vampires.


5531 Far Hills Ave., Washington Twp. 

937.434.4750 | WebsiteFacebook