5 of the best martinis in Dayton

Some martinis are just a little more special than others.

To celebrate National Martini Day, here are some of our favorite spots that can serve up this classic, elegant drink to compete with the best of them:

1. Salar, 400 E. Fifth St., Dayton

Salar’s knowledgeable and highly trained bar staff is well-known for delicious and globally-inspired signature cocktails. But they can just as easily go classic and serve you up a delicious true martini.

Salar's also offers a full cocktail list and a new Pisco bar, where guests can select from a pisco cocktail list or customize their drinks with several pisco flavors.

Salar was also our second-place winner for best cocktails in Dayton.

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2. Buckhorn Tavern, 8800 Beeker Road, Butler Twp.

This is a rustic steakhouse that has been serving hungry diners since 1943. The Buckhorn is best known for flavorful ribs and grilled steaks, but it also has a robust wine list and can serve up a perfect classic cocktail.

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3. The Oakwood Club, 2414 Far Hills Ave., Oakwood

The Oakwood Club is obviously renowned for its steaks along with its classic atmosphere, so it’s no surprise that their martinis would also be top-notch and true to form.

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4. Lily’s Bistro, 329 E. Fifth St., Dayton

Lily’s has a full menu of specialty (and classic) hand-crafted cocktails, so we’d expect nothing less than a great martini. You can also stop by for brunch, or pick an entree from their truly unique lunch and dinner menus.)

Lily's Bistro was our third-place winner for best cocktails in Dayton.

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5. Jay’s Seafood Restaurant, 225 E. Sixth St., Dayton

A seafood restaurant for martinis? It’s true, we promise! We dare say a great dry martini would go deliciously with their oysters on the half shell.

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Bonus: The blue cheese-stuffed olive-filled martinis made at Fleming's Steakhouse, 4432 Walnut St., are a delicious addition, if not keeping with the true martini recipe. We're willing to let it slide, because they're that tasty.

Need some more options? Here are five other superb locations: 

  • Century Bar, 10 S. Jefferson St., Dayton (Our first-place winner for best cocktails in Dayton)
  • Thai 9, 11 Brown St., Dayton
  • The Meadowlark Restaurant, 5531 Far Hills Ave., Washington Twp.
  •  Therapy Cafe, 452 E. Third St., Dayton
  • Coco’s Bistro, 250 Warren St., Dayton
  • Is a martini on your happy hour menu tonight? You bet we’ll join you.

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