Studying 2.0: 6 homework apps to help your kid through the school year

Homework can make or break your kid's school year, not to mention set a positive or dreary tone at your home on school nights.
To get off on the right foot with your student's homework, consider the appeal of technology.

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Many apps are designed to help both students and their parents with the media and programs they already enjoy or are at least familiar with. Give these eight homework apps a try. All you've got to lose are school-night headaches.

Credit: Contributed by myHomework

Credit: Contributed by myHomework

Updated: July 10, 2018
Android requirements vary with device; requires iOS 10.0+.

Quizlet brings flashcards into the modern day for languages, history, vocabulary and science. Students can use it to create their own flashcards to study for a test or project, or choose from millions of flashcard sets created by other Quizlet users on thousands of subjects. A new feature is "Quizlet Learn," where students tell the app their deadline for learning material and the app creates an adaptive plan, complete with checkpoints, study reminders and other tailored materials.

You can also study on the go with the Quizlet study tools designed for mobile. Hello, test prep during long drives.

Credit: Contributed by Toot

Credit: Contributed by Toot

Homework Helper by toot

Updated: Feb. 16, 2018
Requires: iOS 9.0+.
The company behind the app formerly called toot pivoted its design to Homework Helper. When a student comes across a problem they can't solve, they can text a picture using Homework Helper and get help. One answer is $0.99 and six is $4.99.

Updated: Feb. 16, 2018
Requires iOS 8.0+. Android requirements vary with device.
This is the digital student planner that will help kids, and parents too, get organized once and for all. It syncs across devices so a student can access classes and assignments any time from iPhone, iPad and Android to Kindle Fire and Windows.

Credit: Contributed by myHomework

Credit: Contributed by myHomework

Updated: July 11, 2018
Requires Android 4.1 and up and iOS 8.0+.
To connect to computer, your SHAREit for PC must be v4.0 or above. Download the latest version from
Not precisely for homework, the SHAREit app shares all kinds of files at 200 times Bluetooth speed and without requiring USB, data usage or internet. It's a huge plus for study groups and even if Mom is proofreading a paper. It is the top downloaded app on Google Play in 24 countries and regions.

Updated: June 27, 2018
Requires Android 4.4 and up or iOS 9.3+.

This is ideal for those sticky questions that come up in all levels of homework, from simple math and earth science all the way up to nuclear science and engineering. Parts of Wolfram/Alpha are used in the Apple Siri Assistant and this app furnishes access to the full power of the Wolfram/Alpha computational knowledge engine. Just fire away with a question, and Wolfram will compute and answer.

Ready4 SAT
Updated: Sept. 24, 2017
Requires Android 4.4 and up or iOS 9.0+
For that all-important studying that determines your high school student's future ed. Ready4 lets you study on a phone and ditch all the books and paper flashcards. It provides more than 1,000 questions with detailed answer explanations and gives in-depth score analysis.

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