Fricker’s to sell chicken wings at 1985 prices to provide inflation relief for a day

Company was paying $35 for a 40-pound case. Today, that cost is $145.

Ronald Reagan was president of the United States. Michael Jordan was named the NBA’s “Rookie of the Year.” “The Color Purple” premiered.

And 10 Fricker’s Frickin’ Chicken wings cost $2.95.

For one day, the popular restaurant, with locations throughout the region, is rolling back prices on its wings.

Dine-in only customers can order up to 10 Fricker’s Frickin’ Chicken wings for $2.95 from 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday at all 24 locations, said Jim Manley, marketing manager.

The regular menu price for 10 wings is $12.49, so they will be 76.4% off on Sunday.

Manley said the owners of Fricker’s, which was founded 38 years ago, have always invested in the communities where the restaurants are located, and this sale is just another example of that business philosophy.

Fricker’s has donated more than $100,000 to charitable organizations and has two golf outings every year to help these causes and contribute to local school programs and civic organizations, according to Manley.

He said Fricker’s understands that inflation has increased the price of dining out and buying groceries, and this is one way to make spending time together with family and friends on Sunday more affordable.

“People are not getting the value of the dollar,” he said. “That’s why we are here.”

The price of chicken wings continues to rise, he said. Before COVID-19, Fricker’s was paying $35 for a 40-pound case. Today, that cost is $145.

He said Fricker’s chicken wings are never frozen and are shipped on ice. He said two large trucks will be parked — one in the southern market, the other in the northern market — and loaded with tons of chicken wings in anticipation for Sunday. He said each Fricker’s location will sell thousands more wings than normal.

“I hope we don’t run out,” he said, before adding, “I hope we run out.”

He expects each of the 24 locations to sell different quantities of chicken wings based on the number of fryers and customers. Most fryer baskets hold 50 wings that must be cooked at 350 for the perfect taste, he said. Each restaurant will only be able to provide so many chicken wings per minute.

“Time is not our friend,” he said.

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