How you can support local charities by purchasing locally made works of art

Credit: Art Ascending Charity

Credit: Art Ascending Charity

If you’re looking to give back this holiday season, the Art Ascending project is working hard to give you that opportunity.

Through Dec. 19, works of art by local Dayton youth will be auctioned off to the public in order to fund the work of local charities.

Art Ascending is a completely youth-run organization consisting of students from Centerville High School. The auction began in 2011 and ran for four years before it was revived again this year.

These works of art can be bid on by visiting Art Ascending’s website . There are about 30 works of art available for bidding. The profits of these sales will go toward the Do Something Unconventional! Fund, which is a part of the Dayton Foundation. The Do Something Unconventional! Fund is a local charity organization with ties to other members around the world, improving the lives of others by sending letters and cards of encouragement and supplies to underprivileged people.

Credit: Art Ascending Charity

Credit: Art Ascending Charity

To place a bid, a text can be sent containing letter and number of the piece and proposed price to one of the numbers displayed on the project’s website. Upon receiving those texts, each work of art on the website will be updated manually to reflect the highest bid received.

Over the course of the two weeks that the auction is open, bidders should check the website periodically to make sure they have not been outbid. All payments will then be arranged through Venmo and PayPal to a private account which will funnel money to the Dayton Foundation on behalf of the Do Something Unconventional! Fund. After purchasing an item, a socially-distanced pickup will be arranged.

For those not interested or able to participate in the auction, the Art Ascending project asks everyone who can to write a check to The Dayton Foundation with “Do Something Unconventional! Fund #8518″ in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to 1401 S. Main St., Dayton, OH 45409.

For more information about the auction, pay a visit their website.

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