New non-profit group helps Dayton’s ‘street cats’



The tens of thousands of porch kittens and neighborhood-roaming cats of Dayton are getting some needed care and attention thanks to a small group of animal-loving volunteers.

Launched in early December 2020, the Dayton Community Cat Project hopes to help community cats and their “caregivers” in the region with food and access to resources. According to a release, a community cat can be defined as an un-owned cat that lives outdoors, which may be feral or friendly, and may have been born on the streets or may be a lost or abandoned pet.

The non-profit’s founder, Chris Banks, worked as the Community Cat Coordinator for the Humane Society of Greater Dayton for more than three years, and during that time helped to humanely trap more than 3,000 cats for a Trap-Neuter-Return Program.

“It was during this time that I realized that the people who care for these cats are often those who are struggling the hardest financially. Feeding these guys on the street can get expensive, and if, day in and day out, they can look after and feed the cats on our neighboring streets, I know there’s a way we can make their load lighter.”

By teaming up with other Dayton animal-advocacy organizations, DCCP is aiming primarily to provide food for the area’s community cats. As the group gains momentum, it hopes to provide funding for veterinary care and adoption-agency fees and to provide transportation to shelters or veterinary hospitals for cats and their caregivers.

Though Banks acknowledged that trap-neuter-return, or TNR, efforts are the most humane means to combat the cat overpopulations crisis in the Miami Valley, she said the DCCP will contribute to TNR efforts, while also helping to meet the basic needs of cats still on the streets.

“While hunkered down during the pandemic, an excellent way that people can easily help their community is by contributing food or monetary donations by visiting DCCP’s Go Fund Me page or their website,” the organization’s release said.

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