Oakwood native Beth Stelling brings Petty Betty comedy tour to Victoria Theatre

Credit: Submitted

Credit: Submitted

Oakwood native Beth Stelling is bringing her Petty Betty tour to the Victoria Theatre on Saturday, Dec. 3 courtesy of Dayton Live.

After graduating from Miami University in 2007, Stelling moved to Chicago to follow her dream of performing comedy. Since then, she has appeared on numerous late-night shows, acted in network TV shows, and written for movies and television.

Stelling’s most recent stand-up special on HBO Max is titled “Girl Daddy.” However, she also has specials on Netflix. She has been touring all around the country but took time to answer a couple of questions via email.

Why is the tour called the Petty Betty tour?

My concern for seemingly insignificant exchanges and experiences has inspired me to write countless jokes. The littlest comment can become a great joke, so that’s where the ‘petty’ comes into play. And maybe there’s a dash of needing to get the last word. My family calls me Bessie, but Betty is close enough. Plus it’s slang for ‘babe,’ a babe who gets the last laugh.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I write jokes and tell stories about my life experiences. I have a desire to share them for catharsis, connection, satire, and, of course, enjoyment! Part of me likes to think of my comedy as a salve for those who can relate.

Do you ever miss Dayton?

Yes, but I come back to visit quite often since my family is here.

When you come home to Dayton/Ohio, is there anything you like to do or places you like to go?

I always go to Boston Stoker inside Dorothy Lane Market for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I also like going to Stan the Donut Man for a jelly doughnut. And I love going to Big Sky Bread Company. I’m starting to notice these are all food-related so I will add Ghostlight Coffee and Pettibone.

What can the audience expect at the Dec. 3 show?

A night of comedy and fun surrounded by wonderful friends and family. This hour has lots of Dayton gems and stories. My hilarious friend Alana Johnston is hosting the evening and you will love her energy. Cincinnati native Geoff Tate will be doing a short stand-up set before mine. He opens for Tom Segura (another Ohioan) regularly and Geoff has an upcoming special releasing on Your Mom’s House YouTube channel. Oh, and we’re filming my set for my next stand-up special! So expect lights and cameras, but you don’t have to dress up fancy or be on camera, unless you’d like to be. Then Alana will interview you after the show. Mo Welch is directing and Jordan Levy is the director of photography, so they’ll be bouncing around the theater. My mom will be in attendance of course, and everyone I’ve ever known here.

What is the best moment in your comedy career so far?

It’s hard to pinpoint a moment! I would say I cherish the friendships I’ve made with comedians that I look up to: Sarah Silverman and Maria Bamford. When you look at comedy as your life’s work, Sarah reminds me it’s not a race. Maria reminds me to be your authentic self. All the people who are gathering for this evening in Dayton are the people I’ve chosen as friends and collaborators to make something special. It’s called a comedy SPECIAL after all! Mo Welch and I met in the back of Fizz, a Chicago bar where we did stand-up in 2007. We moved to Los Angeles and have been supporting each other ever since. Alana and I met in 2005 in Chicago. I would watch her absolutely light up any improv scene she entered. She was known as one of the best out of Toronto’s comedy scene, and she leaves that same impression in every city she goes. Jordan Levy is our talented director of photography and he’s created beautifully-shot stand-up specials for Netflix, Comedy Central and HBO. So I guess after that tangent I just went on, my answer is this is the best moment in my comedy career so far. (I’m) getting to produce my own stand-up special exactly how and with the people I want to.

Do you have any future projects or shows we should look for?

Just keep an eye out for my new special in 2023 I’m filming in Dayton.


What: Beth Stelling

Where: Victoria Theatre, 138 N. Main St., Dayton

When: Saturday; 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $29-$39

Tickets or more info: Call 937-228-3630 or visit daytonlive.org

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