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It’s no secret New Orleans has its own flavor, music and culture. Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr., bringing his band the Rumble to Levitt Pavilion in Dayton on Friday, Aug. 4, has been immersed in that milieu his entire life. He is Second Chief of the Mardi Gras Indian tribe the Golden Eagles and the son of Monk Boudreaux of the Wild Magnolias.

“We can’t wait to bring our New Orleans flavor to Dayton,” Boudreaux said. “We have a saying down here, ‘We’re not from Louisiana, we’re just from New Orleans.’ I hope everyone is ready for the Rumble.”

The New Orleans-based band, which formed in 2019, features six Grammy-nominated musicians. Boudreaux is joined by his former Cha Wa bandmates Aurelien Barnes (trumpet), Jose Maize Jr. (trombone), T.J. Norris (bass), Ari Teitel (guitar) and Andriu Yanovski (keyboards). The group also features Trenton O’Neal (drums).

“It feels great to be able to put our music under our own name,” Boudreaux said. “People understand where it comes from and what it means to us. We thought it was really important for the people who actually create culture in New Orleans to be the ones to not only own their culture business-wise but also be able to make the decisions on how their culture is perceived by the world.”

Watch the live music video for “Bow Down” from the Rumble featuring Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr.:

Complete control

Although Boudreaux has been performing since he was a child, the Rumble is the first time he has overseen the music, vision and business.

“This time around, I’m completely in control of the entire business aspect of the Rumble,” he said. “Watching the business side of it and actually controlling it is two different worlds. I’ve kind of gained an appreciation for it. It’s kind of like I grew up on the road so it’s second nature to me. It comes with its ups and its downs and I love it. Working with my dad prepared me for that side of it. He definitely instilled in me from 10 years old (how to) act like a professional musician.”



Growing discography

The Rumble’s debut album, “Live at the Maple Leaf,” was released May 19. The album has introduced the group to a wider audience outside of Louisiana.

“The live album definitely embodies that spirit and energy that was in the room that night that we recorded that,” Boudreaux said. “When you listen to that album, you can feel that energy and that’s pretty much the energy of every Rumble show. It’s always going to be high energy. It’s always going to be spiritual.”

The live album has only been out a few months, but the Rumble is already finishing up its next release.

“We actually have a studio album we started working on before the live album,” Boudreaux said. “That’s going to be coming next year. It’s almost done. We’ve just got to put a couple finishing touches on it and it’ll be in the bag. People will (have) an opportunity to see the Rumble in a different type of vibe. The music is still the same, but the studio is a little different from the live show.”

Expanding territory

For now, the Rumble is focused on summer dates in new markets.

“Every time the band (is) on the road, we always (have) inspirational moments,” Boudreaux said. “The road is kind of the muse to our music. We love it. This is our first time actually coming to Ohio as the Rumble. We’re ready to get out there and meet the new people who probably didn’t have an opportunity to know who we were prior to the live record. When you come out and see us, make sure you have your dancing shoes on. You’re coming to see the Rumble, so you better not stumble.”

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Who: The Rumble featuring Chief Joseph Boudreaux Jr.

Where: Levitt Pavilion, 134 S. Main St., Dayton

When: Friday, Aug. 4 at 7 p.m.

Cost: Free

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