Barstool Sportsbook founder reviews Marion’s Piazza: ‘I actually like this’

Barstool Sportsbook founder David Portnoy was in Dayton for the first-round of games in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and stopped by Marion’s Piazza, located at 711 Shroyer Road, to review their pizza.

Before choosing where to go, Portnoy took to Twitter on Wednesday, March 15 to ask where to get the best pizza in Columbus and Dayton. Suggestions included Marion’s Piazza, Cassano’s Pizza King, Flying Pizza, Pizza Express, Dayton Pizza Factory, LaRosa’s Pizzeria, Milano’s, Old Scratch, Dewey’s, among several others.

On Tuesday, March 28, Portnoy posted a video review of him trying Marion’s Piazza.

“A little bit dry. Very crispy. This is Midwest pizza. The thin like crispy which I’m starting to grow to appreciate if you do it right,” Portnoy said. “This doesn’t have any oil, any grease on it. And grease I say that in a good way like I’m not going to feel gross after eating this.”

He ended up giving the pizza a 7.4/10.

“Not bad,” Portnoy said. “I actually like this.”

During the video, Portnoy got a kick out of the pizza box that read, “If you are not completely satisfied with your pizza call the Marion’s Piazza you purchased it from, they will be happy to remake it. You must return at least 75 percent of your pizza and must call the same day.”

“That’s funny they had to put that disclaimer,” Portnoy said.

Marion’s Piazza has been recognized as having the Best Square-Cut Pizza in our Best of Dayton contest every year since the category was added in 2018.

In September 2022, we asked our readers to share what they would consider to be Dayton’s signature food. Square-cut pizza overwhelming came out on top and more than half of those who responded said Marion’s Piazza was their top spot to take out-of-towners for square-cut pizza.

Portnoy is known for reviewing pizza during his travels in his One Bite review series. For more pizza reviews, visit

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