Chappelle sets conditions on meeting with transgender community

As controversy grows over his recent Netflix comedy special, “The Closer,” comedian Dave Chappelle says he’s ready to meet with the transgender community under certain conditions.

Chappelle denies claims that he declined to speak with Netflix’s transgender employees regarding remarks he made in the aforementioned special. Aware of the controversy, he says any meeting that happens must be held with participants watching his special in full.

“I am not bending to anyone’s demands,” Chappelle said in a Instagram post on Oct. 25. “And if you want to meet with me, I am more than willing to, but I have some conditions. First of all, you cannot come if you have not watched my special from beginning to end. You must come to a place of my choosing at a time of my choosing, and thirdly, you must admit that Hannah Gadsby is not funny.”

Gadsby was among the celebrities who notably came forward to denounce Chappelle following the Oct. 5 debut of “The Closer.”

Chappelle, currently on tour, will bring his “Untitled” documentary to Cincinnati, Columbus and Indianapolis next month. However, he reveals the Netflix controversy has severely affected the film’s future, particularly its distribution.

“When this controversy came out about ‘The Closer,’ they began disinviting me from these film festivals,” said Chappelle in the Instagram post. “And now, today, not a film company, not a movie studio, not a film festival, nobody will touch this film.”

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