Chefs collaborate for special dinner at downtown Dayton restaurant

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Chef Jorge Guzmán of Sueño is collaborating with Chef Zack Weiner of Jollity for a special dinner in downtown Dayton on Thursday, June 8.

Sueño is collaborating with local and regional chefs to spotlight culinary talents right here in Ohio through their Chef’s Dinner Series, “Deeply Rooted.” The restaurant plans to host collaboration dinners every six to eight weeks.

“This will be our fourth installment in the series but only our second rotation with a local Dayton chef, and working with Chef Zack and the Jollity team is something we’ve been looking forward to for about a year now,” said Chris Dimmick, co-owner of Sueño.

“This series is an effort to bridge the culinary community together, to form long lasting relationships within the city and state and to help showcase to others that Ohio has just a strong culinary scene as any state,” Guzmán added. “It’s also a really great way to see each other, learn from each other and just have a great time.”

The five-course menu will dig deep into the sense of identity through flavors.

“Digging deep into identity is a metaphor for the way we cook,” Guzmán said. “I will speak for myself and say that I identify as a Mexican and my food does too, but what people perceive Mexican food to be is usually rice, beans, tacos, burritos, etc. It’s a rather narrow-minded way of looking at one of the world’s oldest cuisines. It puts it into a box and one that does not fit. Mexican food is so much more than what people perceive it to be and my food, while it is Mexican, might not fit people’s perception of what Mexican is. If we dig deeper into culture, cuisine and identity we might be able to find that there is very much more to the world than what we may know of it.”

The menu below will have wine pairings curated by Certified Sommelier Lauren Gay.

  • Crudo: Snapper, fermented rhubarb ponzu, tomato water, crispy amaranth
  • Tamale: Heirloom corn, wild mushroom conserva, peas, herbs
  • Tostones: Fried potato, horseradish requeson, cress, jalapeno, berenjena ash
  • Lamb Ribs: Akazu glaze, okayu, summer pickles
  • Dessert: Mexican chocolate and mezcal pot de crème

Weiner has followed Guzmán since hearing about the opening of Sueño.

“I think sometimes just a chance to get out of your own four walls and cook with another person is the best part of these events,” Weiner said. “We are all driven by the same thing and it’s nice to just be in the same room.”

The next generation of chefs and restauranteurs are taking an intentional approach to supporting each other whenever and wherever they can, Dimmick said.

“The more we can create together, the more we get to shine light on what’s happening here downtown, the more opportunity opens up for those right behind us,” Dimmick said. “And when Chef Jorge is here, we can’t miss the chance to share his talent with Dayton in this unique way.”

Seatings are available from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $125 each. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

Sueño is located at 607 E. Third Street.

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