COVID-19 vaccinations jump in Ohio: Your questions answered

COVID-19 vaccinations have recently increased in Ohio after weeks of slump. This follows the “Vax-a-million” lottery announcement, the expansion of eligibility to kids 12 to 15 years old, and the CDC saying the vaccinated generally don’t need to wear masks or social distance, as well as other new mobile outreach efforts.

Dayton Daily News reporters dug into state vaccinations data following the announcement of the lottery and looked for reasons for the increase. Consider joining efforts to produce quality local journalism like these recent investigations with a Dayton Daily News subscription.

Your questions answered about Ohio vaccines:

What has happened since the Vax-a-million announcement?

Prior to the announcement, Ohio was seeing a decrease in residents ages 16 and older getting vaccinated. Vaccination rates for that age dropped 25% the weekend of May 7-10 when compared to the weekend of April 30 to May 3. However, the weekend of May 14-17, vaccination rates for the same age group increase by 28%, according to ODH.

How many are now vaccinated?

More than 5 million Ohioans, which is 43% of the population, have at least one does. This includes more than 77% of adults 65 and older, who are particularly vulnerable to getting severely ill from the virus.

What’s the status of cases in Ohio?

Cases, hospitalizations and deaths have plummeted. As of Friday, 781 COVID-19 patients were in the hospitals, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Two weeks ago there were 1,058.

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