Dayton based podcast gaining traction and preparing for season 2 debut



The new year is a perfect time to jump into a podcast that’s all about healing, especially one that has its roots in Dayton.

“Tears, Tides, and Transformation: A Podcast About Healing” is hosted by Daytonians Bridget Flaherty
and KeAnna Daniels and and produced by Savannah Webb. Season one just wrapped up in early December and season two is coming in January.

Flaherty, a Daytonian transplant of 14 years, is an award-winning storyteller and the founder of Lore storytelling workshops. Daniels, a born and raised Dayton native, is a macro social worker.



“Bridget and I met just because of, I think, just because of our personalities and who we are and who people understood us to be,” Daniels said. “So, you know, everybody was just like, ‘Hey, you have to meet Bridget, Hey, you have to meet KeAnna,’ So when we finally met, we understood why.”

Their first meetup in 2017 lasted four hours. That first “blind friendship lunch date” became countless hangouts and the beginning of a strong, supportive friendship and bond.

“Every time we got together we had these very long, deep, philosophical healing conversations,” Flaherty said. “I felt like KeAnna was the safe place to talk about these things. Often, she brought a different perspective that I didn’t think about. And because we had this, you know, mutual respect and this understanding of our differences, but also, our same curiosity and desire to grow…there was a really healthy support, but also push, … like, ‘Have you thought about this kind of questions?’”

During COVID, during one of their long conversations at Winans in downtown Dayton, the pair came up with the idea to record some of their talks. That idea “organically” grew into the idea for the podcast.

“Quite honestly, we wanted to replicate our relationship and what we provide for each other, for other women,” Daniels said. “We understand that when you’re on the healing journey, it’s very difficult, it’s very challenging, but there’s so much beauty in it at the same time because of the insight and the growth, the evolution and transformations that happen.



In season one’s 12 episodes that are all available now, Daniels and Flaherty take turns interviewing guests about their struggles, triumphs and different stories. Then, in the second part of each episode, the hosts “talk like girlfriends would” about the interview and what they learned.

“I listened and I cried happy tears because I have a beautiful soul sister who has given me space to be my true self, and continues to love me in spite of my short-comings and flaws,” said NaAsiaha Simon, Aug. 22 episode guest. “I also recognized my growth and its beautiful to look back and see where I’ve come from.”

The podcast finished third in Best of Dayton’s Best Local Podcast behind winner “Fly With Us” and second-place finisher “The Brohio Podcast.”

The first season of “Tears, Tides, and Transformation’' can be heard on Apple, Google, Spotify and Audible.

For more information about Daniels and Flaherty, to join the online community or to sponsor the podcast, head to their website:

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