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As an in-house engineer for Moves Global, RöNi works behind the scenes on a variety of rap projects. However, he’s back in the R&B arena with his new EP, “True Romance,” releasing on Friday, March 17.

The Dayton native was in his familiar spot working in one of the studios in the entertainment company’s Centerville headquarters when he paused to discuss the follow-up to his 2022 single, “Decayde.”

Power in numbers: “Having Moves behind me means everything. It so important to have that support. We’re all working together and that’s what it’s about to me. I’m an artist but I engineer and do some graphics too. I’m in here doing some engineering now. I’ve got a producer that works in here, Uno Smalls, and he’s got a thousand beats. I used a lot of his stuff so it can be all original. I produce too so I’ve got hundreds of beats on my computer. I’ve got all kinds of stuff. I make beats for other people. I write for other people. I’ve been pulled into other people’s projects. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on here on this desktop. I’ve got folders of beats.”

Check out RöNi’s 2022 single, “Decayde” from Moves Global:

The breakdown: “I curate my beats before I make an album. I get the beats I know I like, and I keep breaking it down and breaking it down. Once I make all the songs, I pick the best songs out of them and break them down. I’d call myself a minimalist. Kanye (West) is one of my big influences and that’s one of the main things I learned from him, for real. Minimalism is a whole thing. It’s a whole type of person and I think I’m that.”

Mining the past: “I’m calling the EP ‘True Romance’ based off the Tarantino movie from 1993. I’m not going to say it’s one of my favorites but I’m into it. That’s the year I was born. It’s my favorite year. A lot of stuff I do is based on that year. The theme these days is to do obscure films and stuff and I’ve got a little aesthetic I’m going with for a second.”

Diverse themes: “I’ve got a lot more stuff coming after this, but this EP is mostly R&B, melodic stuff. There are songs about sex, drugs and partying but at the same time it’s deeper than that. It’s really poetic and I’ve got a message. I want to make inspirational music. I still want it to be club rocking, but my real message is inspirational.”

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