Electronic band Dip Spit to perform at Yellow Cab this weekend

Dip Spit emerged from the local college performance poetry scene but Dip (raps) and Dumptruck (I.T.) were never traditional spoken word artists. Not surprisingly, their irreverent Dayton-based trio, releasing the new album, “We Did It,” at Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton on Saturday, March 2, isn’t a conventional hip-hop act.

Dip Spit, which also features Greg (percussion), has been trafficking in middle-aged potty raps since 2012. The group’s debut, “The Fist EP pt. 1,” was released in 2105. “We Did It,” the long-awaited follow-up, is a major sonic leap. The material was recorded by Patrick Himes, who also added extra instrumentation that injects an organic feel into Dip Spit’s sparse tones and old school breakbeats.

The members of Dip Spit recently discussed the new album.

Dumptruck: “The two of us met at Wright State in 2001. We did performance poetry together. Then we did a party at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, and we did music for that. I was starting to figure out how to get Dip rapping. I thought that was particularly funny at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. That led to the mechanics of making hip-hop songs.”

Dip: “Our music is pretty much electronic. There were some keyboards and other little things on the older recordings. We have the congas, of course, for all of our live stuff but we never really could get a recording of those to sound good. Pat was able to do that on the new one.”

Dumptruck: “Working with him was fantastic, but we were intimidated because we’re not rock ‘n’ roll people. Our music theory and instrument knowledge aren’t where most people are coming into that process, but he caught on right away. He was really excited, I think, to do something different. He brought a lot of great ideas to the tracks.”

Dip: “Pat took our stuff and added Rhodes, sitar and all that cool stuff. It was great having that kind of music on top of our music. He’d go, ‘You know what would be great here?’ It really took everything to a new level. It blew me away listening to it for the first time. The drums sound really good, and I love the bass.”

Dumptruck: “Bass was not a focus for the first 11 years of the band. It was all treble because that’s all my speakers could handle. We discovered bass in our mid-40s. I guess we’re really growing up.”

“We Did It, which hits streaming platforms on March 2, is also available on a USB drive with bonus content.

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How to go

Who: Dip Spit with Yikes-a-band, Mayliner and others

Where: Yellow Cab Tavern, 700 E. Fourth St., Dayton

When: 9 p.m. Saturday, March 2; cover starts at 8 p.m.

Cost: $12 in advance, $15 day of show

More info: 937-424-3870 or yellowcabtavern.com

Artist info: https://linkin.bio/dipspitdyt/

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