Englewood restaurant to close after 30 years: ‘Thanks for the memories’

Bolts Sports Cafe in Englewood is closing its doors on Friday, June 23 after 30 years in the community.

“Thirty years is how long we’ve been in business, so we’ve seen the good times and bad times,” said Jack Maio, who owns the restaurant with his daughter, Lindsay. “Lots of competition these days, plus I’m old. I’m going to be 75, so after a while time becomes more important than making money.”

He added the combination of changes in the restaurant industry, staffing shortages and rising costs contributed to his decision to close.

“I think the business has changed fundamentally since they passed the non-smoking laws back in the day,” Maio said. “People don’t go out and stay out like they used to.”

In addition, Maio received an offer from someone nationally to buy the property. He opted not to reveal more details at this time.

The Buffalo native opened Bolts Sports Cafe in 1993 with his brother. The duo primarily focused on chicken wings. Over the years, the restaurant expanded and gained a loyal customer base.

“Thanks for the memories,” Maio said.

However, Maio said his daughter may resurrect the restaurant in another location after a much-needed break.

Bolts Sports Cafe, located at 910 S. Main St., is planning to have a few parties accompanied with silent auctions to get rid of kitchen equipment, furnishings, fixtures and memorabilia. More information will be posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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