Final countdown: Saturday is last day for customers to buy treats at Evans Bakery

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

Evans Bakery, located at 700 Troy St. in the Old North Dayton neighborhood, is closing its doors at the end of business on Saturday, Dec. 17.

Saturday will mark the last day for customers to buy a selection of treats from their showcase, including doughnuts, said Jennifer Evans, who owns the bakery with her partner, Matt Tepper.

She said they are taking holiday orders through Saturday for pick up on Christmas Eve.

Saturday will mark Evans Bakery’s 10-year anniversary since they resurrected the bakery in 2012.

Filled with a desire to do something different with their lives, Evans and Tepper moved from Michigan to Dayton to restore the bakery Evans watched her parents operate for 35 years. She admits she hated working at the bakery growing up, but “looking back on it, it was wonderful. They taught me a very strong work ethic. They taught me how to get things done and how to just live a good life.”

Evans said there was no one single reason why she and Tepper decided to close the bakery. They both said they are tired and ready to focus on other endeavors, including spending more time with their family.

“We would love to sell the bakery, so that it continues to operate the way people are accustomed to,” Evans said. “If somebody else wants to come in and do some other retail enterprise in here that would be our second best option.”

For nearly 100 years, there has been a bakery on the corner of Troy Street and Warner Avenue, Tepper said. He explained they have a photo of the bakery dating back to at least 1926.

“Hopefully we will have somebody that continues it,” Tepper said.

“If we close and nobody else takes over, there will be no full-service retail bakery left in the city of Dayton,” Evans added.

Evans and Tepper said they will continue to live and invest in the neighborhood. Both are a part of the Old North Dayton Neighborhood Association.

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