Lock 27 adds classic-style beer, plans expansion to other markets

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Lock 27 Brewing is adding a new division focusing on classic-style beer in advance of ramping up distribution to the Cincinnati and Columbus areas.

Hank, an ice cold American beer, has launched into the wholesale market. The 5% abv Golden Ale is crafted using North American grown barley malt and a touch of Cascadian hops.

“Innovation is a core belief of Lock 27 Brewing, with innovation also comes adaptation,” said Product Manager Colin Barnhart. “Lock 27 Brewing has adapted to market trends by adding a division of well-crafted classic styled beer.”

Barnhart explained the company is seeing a trend in craft breweries being able to make great beers that are classic in style. Embracing this trend also provided an opportunity to fill a void in the market. He described the “yellow, fizzy” beer as old-school, reflecting the 1960s and 1970s when there were legacy brands.

Hank can be found at locations on and off premises with six-packs priced at $8.99. Barnhart said the beer can be found at Arrow Wine & Spirits, Dorothy Lane Market and state liquor stores with more stores to be added throughout the week.

Barnhart explained the name of the new beer is a “secret brewhouse code name” used over the last year while developing this division.

“Lock 27 Brewing is committed to crafting the best beer in the Miami Valley while continuing to grow distribution throughout the state,” Barnhart said.

For more information about Lock 27 Brewing’s new beer, visit Hank’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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