Lock 27 Brewing and Bill’s Donuts collaborate on new beer

Lock 27 Brewing is turning a Centerville favorite into a beer.

The brewery, celebrating its 10th anniversary, has collaborated with Bill’s Donut Shop to create a donut-inspired stout brewed with ingredients sourced straight from the bakery.

“People have been going to Bill’s Donuts for generations and that’s what we inspire to be,” said Colin Barnhart, product and sales manager for Lock 27 Brewing. “We want to be a family owned and operated company for 60 to 80 years like Bill’s Donuts.”

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Barnhart described the sweet, pastry stout as having great undertones of a well-brewed stout. He said they used the donut shop’s vanilla and cake mix to create the sour cream donut foundation for the beer.

One of the reasons he said they chose to replicate the sour cream donut as a beer was because it is Bill’s longest-standing donut.

Another notable aspect of the beer is its smell. Barnhart said it smells just like Bill’s Donuts and is sure to conjure nostalgia of visiting the donut shop.

Bill’s Donut Shop Stout, marketed as “a fresh collaboration between two Centerville institutions,” will be available starting Black Friday, Nov. 25, across the Centerville and Washington Twp. area. The collaboration beer will also be available at Lock 27′s Downtown Dayton Brewpub on E. First Street. Below is a list of places you can find the donut-inspired beer:


  • Lock 27 Brewing (Centerville Brewpub)
  • Lock 27 Brewing (Dayton Brewpub)
  • Dorothy Lane Market Centerville
  • Arrow Wine Centerville
  • Bee Gee’s Market
  • Centerville Wine and Spirits


  • Lock 27 Brewing (Centerville Brewpub)
  • Lock 27 Brewing (Dayton Brewpub)
  • Archers Tavern Centerville
  • Dorothy Lane Market Centerville
  • Geez Grill & Pub
  • Submarine House Centerville
  • The Golf Club at Yankee Trace
  • Kroger Cornerstone
  • Rusty Bucket
  • The Famous Restaurant
  • Whole Foods
  • Sea Jax
  • Old Scratch Pizza

Lock 27 Brewing will hand out a free donut to its first 48 customers on Friday at both of their brewpub locations.

Barnhart said the release of this beer is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

“Every time somebody comes home for the holidays they go to Bill’s Donuts,” Barnhart said. “Now they can go to Bill’s Donuts and enjoy it in beer form as well.”

Bill’s Donut Shop Stout is a limited batch. For more information, visit www.lock27brewing.com or the brewery’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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