Names revealed for Carillon Historical Park’s eaglet triplets

This is the fourth year Orv and Willa’s offspring have been given aviation-themed names

Welcome to Dayton, Aviator, Navigator and Pilot.

The names for the eaglet triplets at Carillon Historical Park have been announced, selected from nearly 200 suggestions said Brady Kress, president and CEO of Dayton History.

In keeping with naming guidelines from past years, non-gender specific, Dayton history and aviation connected names were chosen.

“All three are great aviation names but they are also tied to the skills that are found in the eagles,” Kress said.

“Sit and watch them coming from their favorite fishing spots on the river and they have to use all of those skills. They are fantastic pilots, fantastic navigators and they are fantastic aviators, so it makes sense.”

The first signs that Orv and Willa had an eaglet in the nest came at the end of March. This week triplets were confirmed when video revealed three fuzzy heads in the nest.

This will be the fourth year the lifelong mates, who are 8 years old, have nested in a sycamore tree above Wright Hall inside the park.

Aviator, Navigator and Pilot are now part of the park’s ongoing eagle history.

Last year, the eaglets earned the names Prop and Rudder. In 2019, the names Aero and Prairie were selected. In 2018, Orv and Willa’s first eaglets were named Soar and Flyer.

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