New music from Dayton rapper Candy Barz takes unpopular opinion; she drops new single today

Anyone that knows Candy Barz will confirm she has always been driven. Now, with the backing of Moves Global, she’s ready to show the world everything she can do. The local rapper’s new single, “Miss Stressed,” drops Friday, Dec. 23.

Barz recently discussed the song, which releases just two months after her collaborative album with Moves stablemate SleekoGotBars.

Expanding resume: “I’ve been so busy. I’m rapping and doing the ‘Unicorn Talk’ podcast. I’m still club hosting and promoting and I’ve started doing some acting. Ever since I was a little girl, I used to be in everything. If I’d do spelling bees, poetry contests or anything, that’s how I could get my dad to come out. I was an overachiever because I just wanted to make my dad proud. It’s crazy but I probably do so many things now because I’m just trying to make my parents proud.”

The contrarian: “The new single is a play on the word mistress. I like to take the unpopular opinion. Everybody thinks the side chick is somewhere doing whatever the guy says and waiting on him hand and foot. I don’t see it that way. I see it as mutually beneficial and then, when it’s not benefitting her, the mistress is going to cause a problem. It was fun to write that and I’m excited because we’re getting ready to start shooting a mini movie inspired by the song.”

Joint effort: “Working with Sleeko is so fun. He engineered most of our songs for our projects, but I actually found a new sound being produced by him. I love working with him. It was definitely to my benefit, but we help each other because I’m the street team. I’m out here touching people and talking to people and he’s a powerhouse always putting music out. He’s got two more projects coming before the end of the year.”

Divine symmetry: “I’m working on a new project I’m calling ‘Balance.’ In the spiritual world, they tell you everybody should be equal parts masculine and equal parts feminine and that we have to find balance between the two. I don’t want to lose my women fans or my guy fans so I’m going to do five songs feminine, toward the ladies, five songs, really masculine, really gritty, and a few songs in the middle. If I meet them in the middle, I find balance and showcase diversity. I don’t ever want to be put in a box.”

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