New simulated golf experience with food, drinks coming to The Greene

Off Par Golf & Social, a unique take on golf with a social environment, is expected to open at The Greene Town Center in February 2023.

Nick Loftis, principal owner of Off Par Golf & Social, said he is excited to bring something to the Dayton area many golfers have never experienced before.

“What I’m really excited about the most is the technology our golfers are going to have at their hands,” Loftis said. “A lot of these golfers have never seen this feedback.”

He explained guests will be able to see how fast they swing a club to how fast their ball leaves. The technology is there to help golfers improve their game, but also for anyone to come in and have a good time.

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

Off Par Golf & Social, located at 14 Greene Boulevard in Beavercreek, is opening in the space that previously housed Mattress Firm. Loftis explained they are combining the space with an undeveloped space next door.

The venue will feature seven bays with 16-foot wide by 11-foot high simulators. Guests will stand about 10 feet back to hit the ball against the screen.

“You’re going to have over 100 courses (to) choose from,” Loftis said. “Some are very, very famous. A lot of golfers have never golfed on before. There will be some driving range games as well.”

Guests will be able to rent the bays for an hourly rate with prices depending on the time of year and day of week, Loftis explained. He said it is expected to cost between $35 and $60 per hour. Anywhere from one to eight people can be at a bay.

Loftis said they will also have a bar serving local brews in addition to partnering with a Cincinnati-based restaurant planning to move next door.

Guests will also be able to launch other games on the simulators like soccer, baseball and hockey.

“Off Par Golf & Social is going to be the first venue (of its kind) in Dayton,” Loftis said. “These types of golf simulators became very popular in the north in the last couple of years because they have a very short and limited golf season. We kind of suffer from some of the same things here in Dayton.”

Loftis said the space will allow guests to golf year-round in a temperature-controlled environment. There are also plans to have classes, leagues, tournaments, contests, tours and more.

“In the end, we want to grow the game of golf,” Loftis said. “What we’re doing indoors is going to benefit the outdoors because a lot of younger or newer golfers, they get a little worried or apprehensive about going outside and looking bad or having people wait on them and doing all these things. These indoor opportunities offer them a safe space to be able to do that and learn the game at their own pace.”

As an added bonus, Loftis said the simulators by TruGolf Inc. will be the first of their kind in the United States. He explained they will be voice commanded.

Credit: Natalie Jones

Credit: Natalie Jones

“I love technology and I love golf,” Loftis said.

After the coronavirus pandemic, he and his wife, Andrea, took a step back and thought about what their life would look like in the next 20 years. After discussion, research and an “aha moment” when golfing in Wisconsin, he said he decided to partner with three other local entrepreneurs to bring this experience to Dayton.

He added their goal is to expand into Cincinnati, Louisville and potentially Columbus.

Off Par Golf & Social is a family-friendly venue open to all ages and experience levels.

“We’re very excited to be here and have this opportunity,” Loftis said. It’s going to be a really cool venue for this area.”

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