Oregon District 8/4 Memorial semifinalist: Jon Barlow Hudson and Roger Beal

Designs from five artist teams are semifinalists for the 8/4 Memorial in tribute to the victims of the Oregon District tragedy that occurred August 4, 2019.

The five semifinalists were selected by a local panel of jurors after 39 artist teams submitted RFQs in a national call for entries in late 2022. The same panel of jurors will select a final design by Aug. 4.

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The completed memorial will be located in the plaza adjacent to the Trolley Stop, 530 E. Fifth St.

Here’s what you should know about the semifinalist LOVE, in the words of the artists.


Team Members: Jon Barlow Hudson & Roger Beal

LOVE is our proposal for the 8/4 Memorial for the Oregon District. LOVE is totally universal, found in most religions around the world, with animals as well, thus the most vital emotion and theme throughout one’s life: both for those who have LOVE, and for those that do not. Following the shooting in Louisville, the Kentucky Governor said: “We need to surround them (the families) with the LOVE and compassion they need.” This is the goal of our 8/4 Memorial sculpture: LOVE.

LOVE, if you look at each letter, is quite sculptural, both individually and as the word. Each letter will be a different material and design, thereby representing the different cultural aspects and uniqueness of each of the individuals that were killed, wounded, and otherwise affected. The layout of the letters would be in an arc following the curve of the existing retaining wall. These sculpture materials were chosen for their color, texture and durability and relationship to the materials and shapes found within that overall environment, which is one of harsh, hard, and weathered construction materials for the most part.

The letter L will be constructed with stainless steel, 12 feet at the highest point, 5 feet by 5 feet for the base. It will have a silhouette of a person, male on one side, female on the other, cut through the upright. On the surfaces the word LOVE will be laser cut in the different languages that are represented in Dayton, including our Sister Cities.

Within the L will be lighting, so that at night the words will be lit. The letter O will be created with Texas pink granite, 7 feet high and 15 inches deep. The exterior surfaces will be rough, and the interior of the O will be polished. The letter V will be constructed with Corten steel, and will be 8.5 feet high and 5 feet deep. The letter E will be constructed with sheet bronze 8 feet high by 15 inches deep and will have a greenish patina, as a reference to Nature and growth.

A triangular/prism shaped column that will be the information post for the site. One side will have a black granite plaque on which will be laser engraved the name and information regarding the memorial. The next plaque will have the names of the fallen laser engraved on it. If desired, their laser etched images could be included. On the third side that panel will list the names of the wounded. It will be constructed with stainless steel and the black granite panels.