Restaurant with ‘Krazy’ good tacos to reopen soon with new items, new vibe

Guerra’s Krazy Taco, located at 229 N. Belmont Ave. in Springfield has been closed since mid-November due to the coronavirus pandemic, but is expected to reopen soon.

“I opted to do the really uber-safe thing and take care of my people and make sure no customers got sick coming into our place,” Felix Guerra III, owner of the restaurant said. “I wanted to make sure we were okay.”

In November, the restaurant announced on their Facebook page that they were temporarily closing due to the pandemic.

The restaurant extended their temporary closure to 2021 in early December.

Guerra said in the meantime he has been working on remodeling the restaurant including the bar, front and kitchen area.

He told the News-Sun that he is anxious to get back into the kitchen and hopes to reopen around Feb. 1 with new items and a new vibe.

Business during the coronavirus pandemic has been frustrating, Guerra said.

“Business started going up and down. One day we were busy and then the next day we did nothing. It is very difficult to project how you’re going to order, how you’re going to do things. It just got to be very frustrating for me, my customers and employees,” Guerra said.

The temporary closure is allowing him and his employees “to regroup and come back a little stronger,” Guerra said.

Customers should expect new menu items, a new vibe and possibly later hours, he said.

“This year is going to be a great year towards the end of the year and everything’s going to get back to normal – whatever normal we’re going to get into – and we will just go from there,” Guerra said.

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